Better Speakers for your Car Stereo

Upgrading A Car’s Speaker System

A good car stereo system can be a joy for a driver. Some drivers might prefer the sounds of the road, but others feel more relaxed and alert behind the wheel when their favorite music is playing in the background or local traffic reports are piped into the vehicle.

Unfortunately, most cars come with only a basic sound system. The receiver and CD player might be great, but the speakers are typically just a step above junk. Many motorists choose to remedy this right away.

But what should a person look for in speakers? What equates to quality and what doesn’t? Honestly, those are some pretty subjective questions. Quality is in the ears of the beholder.

Before upgrading a speaker system, which can be a pretty expensive undertaking if quality needs are high, consider the desired end result. Do you simply want to hear traffic reports or do you want your favorite CDs to sound like you’re at a concert?

When it comes to sound quality, buyers are almost always safe with the major brand names. However, for those with a good ear for musical tones, sometimes it’s actually best to “listen” to different speaker systems to decide which one sounds best to the owner’s ears. For those who just want basic sounds, anything that’s a step above the stock speakers put in the car by its maker should do.

Once quality issues have been addressed, the next thing to consider is how a set of speakers handles power. This equates to how loud the speakers can safely go. For example, a low-end speaker might only handle 100 watts, which would be more than fine for the traffic report listener, but a high-end musical quality speaker will accept 1,000 watts. This, too, is subjective and the power needs will depend on what the driver intends for the speakers.

Installation set up is the next consideration. There are speakers that come as coaxial, which basically means the woofer and tweeter are stacked and save space. This is the most common sent up. However, for the true sound aficionado, an individual set up might be in order. This means the two are installed separately and can increase sound quality greatly.

Buying speakers for a car stereo system can greatly enhance the quality of sound for even a low-end receiver. But how much is right and how much is too little will depend on the driver’s tastes. For basic listening, stock is probably more than okay, but for the driver who wants their classical music to sound like the orchestra is playing in the car, a higher end, separate speaker system is most likely in order.