Best Weight-Loss Method In 7 Steps

I am an ordinary guy who was overweight for years. I will share my method for losing weight that works for me. I’m no doctor and I’ve always been fairly healthy. Please consult with your doctor to finalize a weight loss plan that is right for you.

STEP1: Is Being Overweight a Problem?

Many people think being overweight is the origin of all their problems. Is your weight causing you problems at home or work?

STEP 2: Keep track of your weight

Weigh yourself at the same time daily and record your weight. Write it down on your computer or paper.

STEP 3: Find an enjoyable exercise Activity.

I never think about burning calories or losing weight while I’m exercising. That would make time pass too slowly and I would want to quit. I would rather think about something else. Never exercise for the sake of exercising! I search for deer at a national park for my exercise activity. I burn a lot of calories just looking for deer. Make sure you find at least one activity you can do almost everyday. For example, some people participate in group sports once a week, which is great, but it shouldn’t be their only exercise activity. Finding the right activity takes time and effort, so you may have to experience many different activities before you find one that works for you.

STEP 4: Resist Food Cravings

Spontaneous relentless food cravings are hard to resist. All day long you can find fatty, unhealthy, inexpensive, and tasty foods. Trying to eat less of everything will make it harder for you to resist these food cravings. So instead eat healthy meals when you are hungry (lots of fruits and vegetables), not snacks and dessert. Anticipate cravings and have healthy food available. Exercise also helps me control my food cravings.

STEP 5: Make Weight Loss Goals Around 1-2 Pounds Per Week

If you are gaining weight then your first goal should not be to lose weight. Your first goal is to not gain any weight for a week. Next week you should set a goal to lose 1 or 2 pounds. Don’t demoralize yourself by setting unrealistic goals.

STEP 6: Adjust Your Activities Intensity Duration and Frequency To Help You Lose Weight

If I am not losing any weight then I may look for deer for 2 hours instead of 1 hour. I could also hike more frequently like every day instead of every other day. I may also change the intensity at which I hike and hike a little faster. Never try to accomplish unrealistic goals by exercising dangerously.

STEP 7: Try another Activity if your not satisfied with your results or your situation changes

If your activity didn’t help you lose weight then don’t give up. Keep Trying different activities. If a hurricane devastates my park then I’ll try a different activity.