Best way to fit images on Vinyl Banners

Adding up full color images to vinyl banners would make banner designs with more bangs and a more specialized appearance. Putting a full color photograph on your vinyl banner is regularly the easiest way to do this. In case you want to add a photo or image to a vinyl banner design, you can probably try to keep a few following things in mind.

First, in order to look crunchy and clear an image should have the exact resolution. You should try to keep resolution of about 100 PPI (pixels per inch) at full size. In other words if you have an image, which is 300 PPI at 8″ x 10″, then you could happily blow it up to about 24″ x 30″ (that would give you 100 PPI). In fact you could perhaps go as low as 50 PPI and yet be quite content with the output, because these images are usually meant to be appeared from a distance of at least 10 feet away.

Then, it is frequently essential to brighten up the colors of your vinyl banner images. You could generally do this by escalating the contrast. In Photoshop the simplest way to do this is by “pinching” the levels. First open the levels window and then pull the shadows (any dark shades) control towards the center (to the right), and then pull the highlights control to the left. This would surely brighten your light colors and darken your dark colors as getting rid of some of the “muddiness” of the mid tones. “Sharpening” your images would as well have brightened up effect. Your images would usually appear much crisper and sharper when you “punch them up” with a bit of sharpening. But do not go overboard.

Finally, it is suggested working in CMYK mode other than RGB. Vinyl banners at are normally printed on CMYK printing strategies using solvent inks. Rather than including on the printing system to change your RGB (the default color system used on the computer) converts it yourself so you could see what you are on the way to get. RGB could be some time misleading since it has a broader color “gamut” than CMYK. There are colors you could see on a computer screen that you just cannot replicate with CMYK inks — particularly not with any of the solvent inks on a medium like vinyl. You may as well know this before you get your sign banner printing done.