Best Practices for Radar Detection

Best Practices For Using A Radar Detector
Anyone can run out and buy a radar detector, install it and hope for the best. But it’s the smart person who knows how to use one to his or her advantage to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

There may not be any way to 100 percent guarantee a driver won’t get a ticket, but there are ways to maximize odds in a driver’s favor. Purchasing a radar/laser detector is a good step in the right direction, but the machine itself is only the first step.

The best ways to maximize the odds in a driver’s favor include a number of steps to not only ensure the best purchase in a radar detector, but also to optimize its effectiveness. These include detector choice, installation, driving habits and more.

Detector choice: Make sure the radar detector you buy is one that’s known for its performance capabilities. A bargain unit that doesn’t perform isn’t a bargain when a $200 ticket is issued. Check into consumer reports about different makes and models. Also know what the most prevalent clocking method is by law enforcement in your area. It doesn’t pay to be able to detect laser guns when Ka wave radio is the preferred method of choice by local police.

Installation: Even the best machine on the market won’t do you any good if it’s not installed properly. Be certain to follow manufacturer instructions to the letter. This includes mounting location choice, wire connection and general care.

Driving habits: No radar detector in the world can save a person who drives horrifically from a ticket forever. A radar detector is not a license to drive like a nut. Combine the use with smart, defensive driving and you’ll be well on your way to avoiding a ticket. Combine a detector with speeds that put your car’s odometer in the red and the only chance you’ll have is a prayer.

A good radar detector is a fantastic device to use in conjunction with smart, safe driving to avoid an unnecessary ticket. Even drivers who do their best to abide the letter of the law can make mistakes, detectors can serve as little “wake up calls” without the high price of a ticket involved. They cannot, however, save a reckless driver forever, so use them smartly and you’re likely to be glad you did.