Best of the Myrtle Beach

Aristocratic and romantic South Carolina… a 331-mile long coast, acres and acres of cotton plantations and the Blue Ridge Mountains… When arriving here, you get a wonderful opportunity to spend your time under the warm sun and enjoy the charm of its cities. Myrtle Beach, a stripe of gold sand 30 miles long, is a huge summer recreation spot.

The story of the city of Myrtle Beach is not that long. It started as a small resort town, then grew bigger and bigger and in 1938 got the “city status”. Its name derives from the name of a shrub – wax-myrtle – which grows in abundance in Myrtle Beach. The population of the city is 25000, but millions and millions of tourists arrive here every summer to have rest at the city beaches, bathe in the Atlantic and just have fun.

As the history suggest, first tourists to arrive here were the Spanish from Espanola. In 1526 they landed 50 miles north of the present-day city. A European settlement called San Miguel was founded, however, neglected one year later, since the settlers came back to their homeland.

In the course of the next three hundred years population growth was not that rapid. In the beginning of 1900 people arrived to the Myrtle Beach for their week-ends, but, attracted by the ocean, sand and trees, some of them stayed here. Nowadays Myrtle Beach is popular not only with Americans and Canadians, but people from all around the world.

What is there to see in the city if you are tired of of bathing and lying at the seaside? The city is rich in attractions. Here are some of them.

Le Grande Cirque will impress you with its magnificent shows performed by the world-known dexterous acrobats.

Ripley’s Aquarium is the largest in South Carolina. Having entered the place, one phrase you will exclaim is “Water! Water is everywhere!” Start with a slow stroll to get an idea of what you can do here. After that you can enjoy local swimming pool or try one of the other attractions.

Myrtle Beach State Park. The park is renowned for its excellent beach and, plus to this, there are small houses found on its territory. Those fond of hiking can make a trip along one of the forest roots.

Franklin Burroughs & Simon Chapin Art Museum. The museum was opened in 1989. Permanent exposition is dedicated to local artists and their works. There are also a library and a souvenir shop found on its territory.

NASCAR SpeedPark. If you are fond of what Michael Schumacher does, you should certainly visit this Nascar park. The park is opened all year round (except for winter) 10 am – 10 pm. The place is dedicated to speed and everything connected with it. Note that there are age restrictions to drive some of cars.

Pavilion Amusement Park is the place to enjoy lots of adventures. Surrounded by giant sharks that swim around the reefs, you will tremble and quiver. Kids can visit its maritime scientific centre.

Hard Rock Park. The world’s first theme rock park will be opened next spring, 2008. However, you can visit its information centre to come back here when the park is finally opened.

Brookgreen Gardens will bring lots of pleasure to art experts. The territory was formerly occupied with plantations. However, there is a garden here now, with lots of sculptures and exhibitions for the most inquisitive ones. There are also annual fairs organised on its territory.

The Carolina Opry show is one of the main attractions of the Myrtle Beach. 35 artists dance by the country, rock’n’roll, pop and gospel rhythms. This is a comedy which will prepare you for the night of fun and entertainment.