Best Ladies Shoes to Own in Australia

woman crossing leg while standing on hallway during daytimeAustralia has four weather seasons and these seasons usually require different types of footwear. These footwears include several types of Ladies Shoes that can be used best for each weather condition. Generally, summer is from December to February, and autumn is from March to May, winter is from June to August, and spring is from September to November. Like how people pick out clothes according to these seasons, the case is the same for footwear. There are different must-haves for specific weather conditions, and these should always be present in ladies’ shoe cabinets.

Ladies Shoes for Warm Weather Conditions

During warm and dry days, beautiful sandals are usually the first pick of ladies to take out from their shoe cabinets. To keep their feet fresh and breezy, open and light materials on shoes are popular.

1.Beach Sandals

After enduring the cold temperature in winter, people are excited to hit the beach and wear light fabrics and let their feet breathe. The most popular footwears are rubber flip-flops, canvas sneakers, and stylish polyurethane sandals that can both be used to dress up or dress down an outfit.


Slides have been popular in the fashion scene for some time. These come in different colours and materials. Some choose striped neutral-coloured slides, and some prefer sequined and slides with faux fur for that chic effect. Slip-on mules also belong in this category.


These are the most comfortable option when walking outdoors and are best for avoiding tan lines. It can be worn with almost everything – pants, dresses, shorts, and endless options.

4.Peep-toe Heels and Slingbacks

These are the type of heels that are impossible to wear during winter due to skin exposure. These are perfect for warm summer date nights and other special events. These give legs an elongated look and are perfect for levelling up outfits. They are also perfect for formal dress codes.

Ladies Shoes for Cold Weather Conditions

During cold weather and snowy days, ladies opt to wear shoes that cover up their whole feet, ankles, and sometimes up to their knees. These are shoes that have a waterproof bottom to prevent water from seeping through the soles of their shoes. The most popular type of shoes for this kind of weather is boots.

1.Fashion boots

These are perfect to wear when the weather outside is a little chilly and dry. It can be paired with thin leggings or jeans. Combat boots belong in this category.

2.Rain boots

These boots are made of waterproof flexible plastic materials that are perfect for rainy days. These come in different colours and thicknesses. These are not necessarily less expensive as this type of design is being produced by luxury brands.

3.Leather boots in different cuts

Leather boots often come in different lengths. The most popular cuts are ankle-high, knee-high, and thigh-high. Thigh-high boots are the most foolproof pair that a woman can wear as it leaves no skin exposed to cool snowy breeze. It can be paired with thigh-high thermal socks as well for maximum protection from the cold.

4. Heeled boots

For more formal occasions, women bring out their heeled boots. There are stiletto-heeled boots popular for attending special events while still protecting their feet and legs from the cold weather. There are mid-sized heels as well for women who like their footwear with an added height.

These are the best type of Ladies Shoes that every woman must have in their closet and will get them through different climate changes.

Author bio: Helen Harry is a freelance writer and extremely fond of anything related to Digital Marketing and Business. She is writing Technologies as well as fiction, like good music, loves her cat and eats too much. More than anything, She loves to share the knowledge of Technology.