What You Need to Know About the Best Integrative Functional Medicine Program

Functional medicine is an individualized program. Patients get the best type of healing they need for their diseases to achieve optimal wellness. It is science-based and patient-centered – a form of holistic medicine to help patients recover faster and better. If you are searching for the best integrative functional medicine doctor, you have to first understand it. Once you do, you will be more confident about it.

What Is It?

Functional medicine is a form of holistic medicine. Holistic medicine pertains to alternative types of remedies to treat a person from his or her illness. This type of holistic medicine centres around patients and the specific care they need. It aims to resolve a person’s imbalances and dysfunctions by tailoring programs that apply only to that patient. Usually, the plans involve changes in their lifestyle and diet.

The Characteristics 

There are some characteristics that are ideal for your health practices that you need to ensure if the functional medicine program in the company you choose has. These are patient-centered, promote a healthy lifestyle, recognize the changes between a person’s genes and the environment, and provide care based on biology and function.

If you find most of these characteristics in the program, you are working with the best integrative functional medicine doctor.


The programs are personalized, so you get what you specifically need. The most common treatments are altering medication doses, increasing types and levels of activities you do in a day, getting tested for food sensitivity since allergies could cause diseases, changing your diet, giving you stress-coping mechanisms, and the like.

The program you get will pinpoint your body’s imbalances and dysfunctions, so the treatments will eliminate those and make you healthier.

What a Functional Doctor Does 

A functional doctor will take the time to listen to you and your health history. They will gather all the information necessary to come up with the perfect program. They will find the root causes of your illness and even the triggers.

They will also spend time with you to know what you want the results to be. With all of these, they can give you only the best pieces of advice, treatments, and programs.

It Is Best for Chronic Illnesses 

Chronic illnesses are human health conditions that are persistent. They are long-lasting, and the effects last for more than three months. Some of the diseases that integrative functional medicine can treat are autoimmune diseases, behavioural issues, dermatology, endocrine conditions, gastrointestinal conditions, hormonal issues, immunological conditions, chronic headaches, and many more.

Hence, if you suffer from chronic illnesses and want to feel better, it is best to check out doctors practicing functional medicine.

How Effective 

Functional medicine will be useful if you are consistent with wanting to make changes in your lifestyle. It is not a one-way street because it requires your time, effort, and perseverance. Your doctor will also have to work with you repeatedly and tweak your program because, sometimes, the initial assessments do not result in significant effects. Functional medicine doctors would have to dig deeper to look at your health issues and help you beat them.

Functional medicine is an alternative type of care if you cannot get the results you want from traditional medicine. However, look for the best doctor in your area. Also, be patient because the results will not happen overnight. Work with your doctor so that he or she can help you.

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