Best Hangover Cure Recipes

What’s the best hangover cure? Drinking moderately in the first place could be the answer but when moderation is not possible or not an option, getting hangover cures that work are the next best thing.

Here are some home made recipes for hangover cures.

Fruit juice contains fructose, a form of sugar that helps the body burn alcohol faster that helps accelerate the removal of remaining alcohol in your body. So drinking a large glass of apple juice or tomato juice flushes out alcohol from your body thus helping you recover from a hangover faster. Orange juice is more acidic and if you have a weak stomach, it’s best to stick to non-acidic juices.

In addition, fruit juices contain high levels of vitamins and nutrients that help to replace the body’s energy and expel alcohol toxins from the body faster.

Honey is a concentrated form of fructose, so eating crackers and honey helps too. Another way to take honey is to have it with lemon and hot water. This is the classic drink for hangover cure. Not only does a hot honey lemon drink replenishes the body’s lost fluids, it also prevents the rapid change in alcohol levels that causes headaches.

Alcohol dehydrates the body, so drinking lots of water before going to sleep and after waking in the morning helps relieve the discomfort that alcohol dehydration causes. Replenish the water supply in your body.

Eggs contain cysteine, a substance that breaks down acetaldehyde, the toxin that causes hangovers. The liver contains glutathione that is easily depleted by acetaldehyde and eating eggs helps to absorb this toxin. Additionally, eggs give you energy in the morning.

Replenishing potassium lost through alcohol’s diuretic effect is a recommended hangover cure. Broth made from bouillon cubes or any home made soup broth helps replace the salt and potassium your body loses when you drink. Bananas too, contain high levels of potassium. You can also have a kiwi fruit juice or a sports drink.

Usually used as a remedy for seasickness, ginger works for hangovers too since having a hangover is rather similar to being seasick. If you are able, brew some ginger tea by cutting about 10 slices of fresh ginger and brew it with 4 cups of water to boil for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, drain and add half a cup of honey, juice of half a lemon and juice of an orange to the ginger tea for a delicious hangover cure.

So these are some effective hangover cures you can try but there are many more recipes for hangovers, some of which are more myth than fact. Some will actually give you temporary hangover relief before the hangover gets worse.

These include drinking more alcohol in the morning, eating burnt toast and drinking black coffee.

Drinking more alcohol would burden your body with even more alcohol toxins when your body is already struggling to get rid of the toxins from the night before. Burnt toast is supposed to act as a carbon filter that absorbs toxins since carbon is used to treat alcohol poisoning. Carbon on burnt toast is not the same as the carbon used to treat alcohol poisoning. Coffee like alcohol is also a diuretic and causes the body to lose even more water and become even more dehydrated.

At the end of the day, moderation in drinking is still key for reducing hangover symptoms since hangover cures may not work for some people.