Best Golf Gifts to Present for Father’s Day

If your dad or husband is a golfer, you probably know how addicted golfers are to the collection of equipment. He spends so much time in the pro shop, fondling the latest driver head, picking a putter up and putting it down again, you could fall asleep waiting for him to come back out of there! Most golfers could spend many happy hours in there and when they get home they switch on the golf channel…more golf! His eyes light up and he becomes so absorbed in the examination of each golfers swing and equipment that you can’t get his attention for the rest of the evening.

Are you a golf widow or a golf orphan? What can you do that will really help him with his addiction? His interest in golf is both social and selfish; What I mean by this is that he does want to know what all those pros are doing, he’s interested in it and fascinated by what happens in golf both as a matter of social interest and also to see if by watching he can glean a little more insight into his own game, into how he can improve his own game. He doesn’t spend all that time in the pro shop just because he wants to SEE those golf clubs. He drifts off into a wonderful imaginary world whilst he’s in the golf shop – as he holds that new driver he’s imagining himself on the 18th hitting the ball like Tiger; as he clutches that putter, he’s seeing himself sinking a 20 footer on the 18th and the crowd clapping!

I’m serious here. I’m a golfer as well. I have these thoughts too! Once a golfer realizes that they “could” or “might” be good at this great game, an addiction is triggered; an addiction to ANYTHING which might improve your golf. And golf is an easy addiction to feed. New clubs, new balls, new clothes, new golf trolleys, new tees, books, DVDs…there is an amazing array of golf “stuff” thereĀ…mugs, socks, ties, towels…But what is the very best thing to buy as a gift for a golfer? What could you get for him as a unique father’s day present?

The irony here is that the one thing he probably has not bought, or thought to buy, is the very thing which is most likely to improve his golf game. You see, 90% of good golf is in your mind. Any good player or professional will agree with this. Those new putters, drivers and tees are never going to make a fraction of the impact on his golf game that a good mind training product will elicit. What every golfer needs is the ability to train their golf mind. You have to get your head around golf to play golf well. But most amateur golfers dismiss this area of the game – it’s not as much fun as a new club, or hitting balls. Not only that, they do not know how to change the way in which they think.

Golf psychology is something which I love. Most of my friends would say that it is my addiction. This is not surprising as I am a hypnotherapist and a passionate golfer. It constantly amazes me how so many golfers do not pay heed to their mind. EVERYTHING in life starts with how you think about it. What you expect to happen does indeed happen, and golf highlights this in amazing ways.

If you think “don’t go in the bunker”, the ball WILL go into the bunker, because of the way in which your mind works. Where there is a conflict between your will power and your imagination, your imagination wins. As you are logically thinking “don’t go in the bunker” you are at the same time picturing the bunker…so the ball goes there. A golfer needs to train their mind how to think properly and effectively on the golf course. There are many different mental skills to learn in relation to the game of golf and they can be learned quickly and easily with the help of golf hypnosis.

Golf hypnosis is the key here. Hypnosis allows access to the subconscious mind, the inner part of the mind where habits and instinctive reactions are stored. To change a habitual behavior or thought pattern you need to access your subconscious mind. Logical thinking and talking to yourself just will not do this. Hypnosis is also a state of relaxation and just by listening to a golf hypnosis cd or download you will learn to relax and change state at will, which is very useful on the golf course. Add to that the fact that hypnosis involves a state of focus, and you will appreciate how beneficial it is to use hypnosis to “play in the zone”.

Golf hypnosis will help any golfer knock shots off their handicap. It will also help a golfer to control their emotions whilst playing. So if you want your husband or father to come home smiling and happy after his next round of golf, why not buy him some golf hypnosis cds as a great gift for father’s day?

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in golf hypnosis, and author of the GolferWithin “mental skills tool-kit”, designed by a golfer for golfers.