Bespoke Wallpaper, Wallcoverings & Wall Murals – Different Types of Wallpapers

Commercial Wallpaper

Commercial wallpaper is usually more rugged, abrasion resistant, water-proof colourfast, easy to clean, dust and dirt resistant, wear and tear resistant etc. and has certain health and safety specifications that it must be met; like being fire resistant etc. Commercial wallpaper, as the name suggests, is used in offices, retail outlets, hotels, discos etc. What has made commercial wallpaper making an entirely different slice is that usually commercial wallpaper involves a theme relating to business, customization like having a company logo printed or having custom designs etc. printed in limited quantity digitally, as such cost more.

Wallpaper for home use

Wallpaper for home use is by no way inferior to commercial wallpaper, as it too has to meet strict quality control guidelines, however the added advantage that wallpaper for home use has is that, they are produced in large quantities and are considerably cheaper. They are easier to apply when one can have multiple wallpaper in the same home. Digitally printed wallpapers are available for home users also, the biggest benefactors of digitally printed wall paper have been home owners, who can either get custom wallpaper with a particular design built, or can choose to adorn their home walls with some of the greatest works of art ever made. The choices that wallpaper today has bought to home owners is just mind boggling, and all it takes to get customized wallpaper made is a photograph or image of your design.

Bespoke Wallpaper

Home owners are rapidly developing taste for Bespoke or custom wallpaper, almost anything and everything that can be captured on a camera can be converted into custom wallpaper. Better still, if one doesn’t have a digital copy of an image, one can actually mail out a photograph to a wallpaper manufacturer. Depending on its condition they usually lets you know if it can form the substrate for a wallpaper. Any doubts you have about the quality of the end product are also easily put to rest by asking for a swatch of complete wallpaper before ordering.

Wall Murals

A mural is essentially a painting that uses a wall or a ceiling as its canvas, wall murals have been around for thousands of years (historians regard cave paintings as wall murals too). Famous wall murals like the one’s in the Sistine chapel have been immortalised in time. Today the closest one can get to wall murals without dishing out thousands of pounds, is to get a digitally printed wall mural, a wall mural is actually a series of digitally printed images, that are printed on specially designed paper, and integrate together seamlessly. Wall murals can be used for both home and commercial purposes, there are no restrictions on what can make up a wall mural, the only restriction is a person’s imagination.

Art based wallpaper

As mentioned earlier, digital printing has made it possible to reproduce famous works of art on wall paper. More and more home owners and commercial users are getting custom wallpaper based on art work of famous artists. More popular among home owners is modern art, or impressionist period artworks, as they are more pastel based shades, and will look just as pretty after years of wear and tear. There are however no restrictions on the kind of art form that can be used to create wallpaper, anything from a John Sargent to a Van Gough can be used to make wallpaper, and the best part is that before any company creates your wallpaper, they usually do a test print to let you know exactly how your wallpaper will look, so you don’t end up paying an exorbitant amount for an ugly looking wallpaper.