Benefits of Using 2D Barcode Scanners

2D barcode scanners are the latest entrants in the business sector, widely used as data collection and storage instruments. Their future-proof technology and features, such as enhanced readability, accuracy, reliability and durability have made these scanners efficient tools for collecting, tracking and monitoring product information for all kinds of businesses.

Usage of 2D scanners is widespread both in manufacturing and service sectors. Businesses can receive real time data about different products and services. Below are the multiple benefits of 2D barcode scanners, to help you to understand them better.

Accuracy of data: Data accuracy is an essential element in any business. Inaccurate pricing or incorrect reporting of assets due to human errors can lead to significant negative impacts on the profits of a business. These kinds of errors can be successfully reduced by utilizing 2D barcode scanners. They use latest computer technology to read the barcodes electronically as a means of rapidly and accurately collecting, processing, transmitting, recording, and managing data, thus improving the billing process.

Can read and decode both 1D and 2D barcodes: Unlike 1D barcode scanners, which read only 1D barcodes, 2D scanners can read and decode both 1D and 2D barcodes. 2D barcodes are capable of holding thousands of alpha numeric characters, in the same or even a smaller area as compared to a 1D barcode. This helps manufacturers encode greater amounts of information about the product in a small space.

Able to read omnidirectional barcodes: 2D scanners have the ability to scan barcodes from any angle, as opposed to 1D scanners, which read barcodes only when the scan line is perpendicularly aligned to the barcode. They capture the whole image and decode it based on the unique characteristics of each barcode. This feature eliminates the need to change the position of the scanner according to the alignment of the barcode, making it easy to use. Scanning time is therefore greatly reduced, speeding up the billing process.

Much faster and reliable: When compared to other barcode scanners, the data output of 2D scanners is much faster and more reliable. With the help of advanced decoding algorithms, they scan the products easily and quickly. Many of the 2D barcode scanners are equipped with data correction software, which accurately decodes even poorly printed or excessively damaged barcodes. These scanners are highly reliable, since there are far fewer chances of failures within their systems.

Timely feedback: Barcode scanners save all of the information about sold out products and provide timely information about the efficiency of the business. Furthermore, they help the companies to get effective feedback about their products and their sales. Hence, they assist business owners or project managers in reaching crucial decisions like increasing the production or making changes in the goods or services.

Improved profitability and productivity: The use of barcode scanners replaces many manual activities, which reduces labor costs. They keep the track of all the details of items, their sales, and assets, helping to make informed decisions to reduce waste and losses. Errors and operational costs are also reduced, which leads to increased profitability. Billing using 2D barcode scanners is faster and easier, decreasing checkout time and increasing productivity.

All of the benefits mentioned above can have a significant impact on a business and suggest the worthiness of investing in 2D barcode scanners. 2D scanners ensure smooth functioning throughout various business activities and provide high ROI’s, in addition to providing correct information about operations within a business.