Benefits of Granite as a Material for Countertops

Granite belongs to the class of igneous rocks and is so named because of its origin from molten rock cooled million years ago. Granite is one of the best materials for countertops because of its various characteristics and benefits such as durability, strength, flexible to customize, etc. In this article, we’ll discuss its benefits.

Granite belongs to one of the strongest classes of stones. Granite is durable and because of its long lasting nature, it is ideal for countertops in kitchen.

Ease of maintenance
Granite is non-porous and you can easily remove stains. The surface cleans easily. Therefore, it is simple and easy to maintain and an ideal option for countertops.


• Granite is hard and scratch resistant. Using vegetable knives, etc., does not affect the texture of the surface.

• Granite is heat resistant. Even placing hot items or dishes spilled accidentally will not burn or damage the surface.

For health

• Granite does not lead to contamination of food.

• According to research by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), granite has the highest resistance against harmful bacteria second only to stainless steel. Thus, it is safe for health.

Can be customized

• Granite can be obtained in tiles as well as slabs. You can get them cut into shapes that you like. You could get countertops done with different curves, arches, squares, special edges, ovals, different angles (45 and/or 90 degrees) and so on.

• The edges of the countertops can be customized into different shapes such as flat polish, or the shape of a bullnose or into a beveled edge as you like.

• You can easily customize the look of granite countertops depending on whether it is meant for your kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity.

Available in wide range of colors, patterns, etc.

• Granite looks great and is available in wide range of color, shades, etc. Every single piece of granite is unique. Patterns in shades, veining, pitting, specks, etc., all differ in each granite piece. This makes granite as stone material for countertops a worthy option for your home.

• You could consider getting the granite countertops installed by professionals at affordable costs. Some sellers offer installation service along with the product at affordable cost, you need to check out.

Granite adores and embellishes your home. You can get them in any style according to your interest and taste. Granite countertops showcase elegance and luxury in your home regardless of the design of your home – traditional, contemporary or modern.