Benefits Of Golf Putting Training Aids

Golf putting training aids helps a golfer to putt better. The whole point of the game is to get the ball in the hole and, unless you learn to putt well, your game may struggle. Putting can be challenging, even for pro golfer’s some days. If you’ve ever watched golf tournaments on television you’ll know what I’m talking about. However, there’s nothing more beautiful than watching a golfer sink a long, difficult putt for eagle. There are several different types of training aids on the market that will help you a lot, as a beginner or a pro.


There is now specially designed software available to help with putting accuracy. Many of these different types of software are modern, state of the art applications. There are several that are either currently being used or have been used by PGA pro’s. These guys have coaches, trainers, equipment and everything else imaginable under the sun to give them as much of a competitive edge as possible. Getting on the tour these days is NOT easy and neither is STAYING on it, with a new wave of talented young men and women coming on board (or trying too) every year.

Visit your local golf shop or do a search online for “golf putting software” or “golf training software”, with or without the quotes, and you should be able to find several to choose from.

Golf sticks

Golf sticks are becoming the new center of attraction. The style of making the sticks is becoming sophisticated. Variety in color, design and application is seen in the sticks and maintains the crucial triangular relation between arms and grip. This takes the wrists out of the stroke, and promotes the coveted pendulum swing.

The main feature of these putters may include the alignment system. As the golfer stands over the putter, he or she must link the lines to create a perfect circle, which when lined up gives proper lob, lie, hand position and face angles. Each putter comes with a free Bickler. The two together promises to be a potent aid for those who grapple with putting strokes.

Nike recently entered the market with a new line designed for the “better player”. These were to be used and endorsed by Tiger Woods, although there’s no word on how they’re working out yet.

Swing aids

Golf Swing aids training tools encourage a specific wrist action, which works in an up and down manner, not from side to side. Swing aids help to maintain a square club face during the swing and to maximize power that is developed from the hand and wrist action. By using a swing aid it will help you to get a feel for the correct swing path and swing plane. Many of these can be used both in hitting balls and practice swings.

Many Golf putting training aids come with a lot of equipment, such as a putting cup wedge, putting cup, putting arc, putting mat, variety of putting greens and more. Each instrument has a different function. A good golf putting training aid is truly a golfers best friend.