Benefits of Electric Infrared Heaters Over Convection Heaters

Choosing a right home heating option is very important to enjoy safe and efficient heating. It’s often confusing to choose one among the popular convection heaters and electric infrared heaters. This article highlights the benefits of electric infrared heaters over convection heaters, to help you in your heater selection process. Let us first know about the different types of electric heaters used for home heating.

Different types of electric heaters
Electric heaters, as the name indicates, run using electricity as their source. They convert the electrical energy into heat. However, the process of heating may differ for different varieties of heaters. Based on the process of heating, electric heaters are broadly categorized as convection and infrared radiant heaters.

Convection heaters
Convection heaters blow air across the heating element. The warm air rising from the heater is spread throughout the area of the room by natural currents or by moving elements like fans. Available in different sizes, shapes and configurations, the convection heaters are intended for heating closed spaces.

Radiant infrared heaters
Infrared heaters emit electromagnetic radiation which gets converted in to heat on striking the objects or individuals in a space. These heaters are more efficient as they provide targeted or focused heating by directing the heat to the required locations. They are energy-efficient and generally used to save heating costs.

Benefits of electric infrared heaters
Now that you are aware of working of the forced convection and radiant infrared heaters, go through the specific benefits of electric infrared heaters over convection heaters.

Heat resembles natural radiation: Radiation emitted by electric infrared heaters is similar to the natural radiation from the sun. You can enjoy the natural warmth just by sitting in the room.

Provides instant warmth: As said, electric infrared heaters warm the objects, pets and persons directly. Time lapse to heat air in the entire room, commonly associated with convection heaters, is not an issue with these heaters. It’s, therefore considered as an efficient heating system for instant warmth.

Ensures healthy environment: One of the most beneficial features of electric infrared heaters is that they ensure a healthy and safe environment. With forced convection heating, the air often becomes dry; this makes dirt, pollen and other dust particles whirl through the air. Electric infrared heaters on the other hand, do not create such dusty environment.

Offers health benefits: Infrared radiation is harmless. It gets penetrated through your skin and provides a soothing effect. This radiation even offers health benefits such as improved blood circulation, efficient healing and regeneration, reduction of swelling and pain, and so on. As electric infrared heaters do not use any combustible fuels like wood or kerosene, your space becomes dust-free. You need not worry about other health issues like allergies and asthma.

Less maintenance: Electric infrared heaters do not have any moving parts that may wear out after a certain period of time. Hence, they need minimal maintenance. However, this is not the case with forced convection heaters that include essential moving elements, which need regular maintenance to ensure effective function.

From the above mentioned points, it can be concluded that electric infrared heaters ensure safe and effective heating with low maintenance. Consider these benefits and make a right choice when planning to purchase an electric heater this winter.