Benefits of Electric Fireplaces over Traditional Fireplaces

In many homes, electric fireplaces have replaced the traditional ones as they are well suited for today’s modern homes and lifestyles. As we all know, traditional fireplaces are often difficult to maintain; it is not the case with electric fireplaces. These modern versions, however, maintain the aesthetic look of traditional fireplaces.

Though both the fireplaces serve the purpose of home heating, their working techniques differ. Wood-burning and gas fireplaces, the traditional models, provide heat by burning wood and gas respectively; whereas, the electric fireplaces run on electricity. The electric current passes through specific heating elements that emit heat. Visual effects in the electric fireplaces give an illusion of wood burning – identical aesthetic appeal of traditional fireplaces.

Benefits of electric fireplaces over traditional ones
Some unique characteristics of electric fireplaces make them beneficial over the traditional ones. Some of them are:

Can install anywhere in the home
Electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere in your home. They are light-weight and generally equipped with wheels that make it easy to move the fireplace wherever needed. Traditional fireplaces on the other hand are installed at a fixed location.

No need to use chimneys
Electric fireplaces do not emit smoke and hence they don’t require chimneys. But, it’s mandatory to have chimney for wood-burning fireplace to allow the smoke dissipate into the atmosphere. However, gas fireplaces may or may not require chimneys.

No hassles in maintenance
One of the major benefits of electric fireplaces is their hassle-free maintenance. They don’t produce smoke and ash; so, need not clean them regularly. Also, you do not have chimneys or gas flues that usually need annual cleaning. It’s because of this feature, many people prefer electric fireplaces.

Ensure safety and avoid dangers
You can reduce the risk of fire accidents by using electric fireplaces as they don’t produce flames. Even, their surface does not get hot, thereby enabling safety to kids and pets moving around. Wood and gas fireplaces produce combustible gases that can be dangerous. Further, electric models do not reduce the humidity and oxygen levels in the air.

Easily accessible and inexpensive fuel
Electric fireplaces use electricity which is easily available. This is, however, not the case with traditional fireplaces as wood and gas are not available easily. Moreover, electricity is inexpensive compared to the other two fuels.

Since electric fireplaces involve minimum installation and maintenance costs, they are cost-efficient. In addition, they include energy-saving features that reduce your utility bills.

All the above mentioned benefits suggest that it is better to go for electric fireplace to enjoy safe and efficient heat at a reasonable price.