Benefits of Eastern Caribbean Cruises

Eastern Caribbean Cruises Provide Lots Of Sights To See

No two Caribbean cruises are exactly alike. With a whole host of beautiful tropical islands to visit, the Caribbean is home to three distinct areas with their own groupings of islands. With so many ports of call to choose from and so much to see and do, the Caribbean is an entire region that promises cruisers something different each time they visit.

The Eastern Caribbean is home to such islands as Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and St. Thomas. These areas are strongly influenced by French, Dutch and Spanish cultures, making them unique.

Puerto Rico, for example, is an American holding, but its style, flavor and landscape is nothing like the mainland. A world onto itself, this island is home to lush tropical landscapes, beautiful waters and exciting ports of call.

Cruise line visitors to the island of Puerto Rico will find this region was strongly influenced by Spanish, Indian and African cultures long before there was an America. The island is home to a mix of people that meld their cultural backgrounds together to create a distinct destination in the Eastern Caribbean.

Those who disembark to explore Puerto Rico will find lots to do while off board. From historical tours of San Juan to museums and from beaches to tropical hikes, there’s no shortage of sights to see in this region. In addition, there are hiking, biking, horseback riding and kayaking adventures awaiting visitors, among other things.

Another popular Eastern Caribbean destination is the island of St. Maarten. This beautiful island changed hands between the Spanish, Dutch and French multiple times and is now a favorite of cruisers for its beauty, steeped in history.

Here visitors will find lots of opportunities to explore the outdoors with snorkeling, diving, fishing and more all waiting just off board their cruise. In addition, St. Marteen is home to many shipwreck dive and snorkel tours, walking tours of the historic regions and more. There’s even a butterfly farm and an America’s Cup Regatta attraction for visitors to see.

The Caribbean is broken up into three distinct parts. The Eastern is home to such wonderful cruise destinations as Puerto Rico and St. Maarten. Each island, however, has its own treasures that await those who want to get away from it all on a Caribbean vacation.

Combining the natural beauty and fantastic outdoors opportunities the Caribbean is famous for with rich history, the islands that make up the East are each distinct and worthy of exploring. Each trip brings with it a new discovery for visitors to this region and those exploring the east will find some standout sights for certain.