Benefits of Dog Massage

Remember how relaxed you feel each time after a good massage?

Well, a good massage for your dog can be equally as soothing to the dog… if not more soothing.

Surprised? Well, don’t be. Humans are not the only ones that deserve the best. Your dog equally deserves a good massage once in a while.

Note that a good massage for your dog doesn’t have to be just because it needs to relax. It can also help it when healing from certain illnesses.

What to know more? I bet you do.

Below are some amazing benefits of massaging your dog that only a few people fully know of:

– Massaging your dog helps to make it quieter:

It has been proven by experts and dog lovers alike that dogs bark and make noise more when they are restless, tense, hyperactive or aggressive. A good massage therefore helps them relax and ultimately makes them quieter.

But without a regular dose of massage there is the tendency that your dog can be harsh and aggressive to people, especially children if they play with it too much and too roughly.

– Massaging your dog helps to ease its aching muscles:

Just as humans feel a lot of relief to their aching muscles after a good massage, the same happens to your dog.

– Massaging your dog helps it with injuries:

Certain injuries that your dog has can be treated effectively with a good massage. Even illnesses like injured tissues or arthritis tissues can be treat your dot

Before dismissing this, consult with your veterinarian for the best advice.

Other benefits of massaging your lovely dog include:

– Massaging your dog helps it with slowed blood circulation.
– It also helps to open up your dog’s blood vessels, thereby helping to improve the circulation.
– It greatly increases your dog’s alertness.
– It goes a long way in invigorating your dog.
– It greatly improves your dog’s nervous system workings.
– It helps to reduce your dog’s stress level and also goes a long way to lower its stress level.
– It helps your dog to improve its performance
– Lastly, but not the least, a good massage for your dog helps it to improve and maintain an overall health.

Note that you can decide to massage your dog yourself… if you know how. Or you can pay the money necessary for professional canine massage.

If you want to massage your dog yourself, below is one of the best dog massaging techniques:

– The Tellington Touch (also known as the T-touch). This type of massage is used mostly to ease animals that have behavior problems. One of the techniques of this massage method is by making certain tiny circles on the dog’s muzzle and its jaw with your fingers. Then you tenderly move the skin of your dog in a certain clockwise direction which forms a full circle. Do this tenderly and repeatedly and it will greatly help your dog.

Note also that you should not replace a normal conventional dog care for this massage method…

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