Benefits of Dog Aromotherapy

To understand exactly what the benefits of canine aromatherapy is, it is important to get a firm grip of what aromatherapy itself is.

The American Aromatherapy Association defines aromatherapy as the use of certain essential oils from aromatic plants with the primary purpose of restoring and also enhancing the health and beauty of persons (or animals) it is used on.

Wikipedia on the other hand defines aromatherapy as the use of essential oils, fragrance oils, absolutes, carrier oils and other fragrances from plants to affect the mood or health… and is commonly associated with alternative medicine.

The benefits of aromatherapy on your dog cannot be overemphasized.

For starters, it is a very good way to pamper the body, mind and spirit of the dog that you love so much.

And why not? If you love your dog so much, then it pays to give him or her the best.

You see, canine aromatherapy is beneficial to your dog because the essential oils used helps in the healing process of your dog’s body, mind and even spirit.

For those who still have doubts about canine aromatherapy, it will impress you to know that there are now many scientifically supported researches that prove the efficacy of certain essential oils.

Also, a deep study of hundreds of years of folklore medicine has shown that certain plant oils have been used by people of old to treat many illnesses and conditions.

So, canine aromatherapy is not a new form of treating illnesses.

The fact that it takes as many as hundreds of plants before one ounce of oil is produced goes to show how powerful aromatherapy can be for your dog. I was shocked when I learnt that it can take as many as 2,000 rose petals to produce just one drop of pure essential rose oil.

Amazing, right?

Still wondering what sort of illnesses canine aromatherapy can help to treat?

Here they are:

– Skin illnesses: These essential oils are very helpful for treating your dog’s skin problems– from dermatitis, eczema and other skin problems. The power of the essential oils help in reducing the dryness itching and soothes the skin of your dog.

– Fleas and ticks problems: They also help greatly in dealing with the problems of fleas and ticks in your dog. For example, grapefruit repels fleas while lemon can be a great repellant against fleas.

– Arthritis: Using canine aromatherapy in massaging your dog can help it soothe sore muscles and arthritis. Simple massaging directly into the inflamed joints and stiff muscles of your dog will go a long way in helping it get the relief it needs.

– Hyperactivity and Anxiety: The use of certain essential oils, such as Lavender, Ylang Yang, to mention a few, work wonderfully in not only calming the nerves of your dog but also relaxes its excited states and this greatly reduces hyperactivity and anxiety.

Are you still wondering why so many pet lovers are not embracing aromatherapy as an alternative method of treating their dogs, cats and other pets?

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