Benefits of Dog Acupuncture

In case you didn’t know exactly what acupuncture is, this piece will be very revealing.

Acupuncture is simple the inserting of certain hair-thin needles into specific points on bodies of patients with the sole purpose of bringing about a certain desired healing effect.

Acupuncture has its roots in Chinese medical philosophy with its ability to stimulate the nerves, increase the blood circulation, relieve the muscle spasms, to mention a few.

Wondering the specific points where these needles will be inserted?

Many of the points lie on the meridians, which are pathways of energy flow with the tendency of being influenced with the insertion of these needles.

How and why acupuncture started being used for animals?

Well, it has being said that acupuncture for animals started after it was discovered that battle horses that were lame became sound when they were suddenly hit by arrows at distinct points during the battle.

Today, canine acupuncture is wildly used to treat many illnesses. It has now advanced far beyond the accidental ‘hit by arrows at distinct points’. Modern canine acupuncture techniques now include the use of certain fine needles, bleeding needles.

In certain illnesses, the use of electricity and heat is also not uncommon. It has even advanced to the stage of involving the use of low power cold lasers for the sole purpose of stimulating the acupuncture points.

If you are scared of having needles being inserted into your dog’s body, listen up.

The insertion of the needles into your dog’s body will case very little, if any, pain or discomfort. The moment they are inserted into your dog’s body, it calms down and even starts feeling sleepy… while the treatment goes on.

I am often asked what kinds of illnesses canine acupuncture can help to treat.

It will surprise you to know that canine acupuncture can help a lot of illnesses, such as:

– Arthritis and other musculoskeletal problems in your dog

– Lick granulomas and other skin problems in your dog

– Vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems in your dog

– Asthma and other respiratory problems in your dog

– Reproduction and other hormonal problems in your dog

– Chronic and other pains in your dog

– Fearfulness, aggression and other behavioral problems in your dog

All these and many other illnesses respond very well to the canine acupuncture.

Going right now to get acupuncture for your sick dog?

Wait a second…

Before getting an acupuncturist for your dog, take note of the following very important factors:

The most important factor is that the acupuncturist should be a very trained and licensed veterinarian.

Also, the acupuncturist you will get for your dog has to have a good degree of formal TCM training and, most importantly, veterinary acupuncture.

Ask for these criteria before you allow the acupuncturist to perform acupuncture on your dog.

Like every other profession, there are acupuncturist and veterinarians out there that are not qualified and can cause more harm to your dog than good. So, caution is extremely important when considering acupuncture for your dog.

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