Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned Car from an Authorized Dealer

Many people decide to buy used cars instead of a new one because of financial reasons. Moreover, when bought from an authorized dealer, the benefits of a new car can be accrued by a used one, as the authorized dealers are under obligation to abide by the standards of excellence and law. Apart from these benefits, purchasing a pre-owned car from an authorized dealer is more advantageous because of the following:

Dealers offer reliable deals
Before buying a used car from an authorized dealership there are other options you could consider. You could consider suggestions from friends and relatives, looking up the classified ads in local dailies, or buying online.

But buying a car from an authorized dealer makes great sense because there is a lesser chance of getting a lemon. Buying a pre-owned car is not easy unless you have thorough information on the history of the vehicle. Dealerships will often conduct technical and other background verifications for the vehicle, ensuring its quality. You could make a deal with a private party, but in this case, there is a probability of getting defrauded – if the vehicle was a stolen one or has liens, it will drag you in to legal battle.

Provide certified pre-owned cars
While buying a pre-owned car, consider certified pre-owned (CPO) cars. CPO cars are the ones inspected and repaired by an expert. Dealers are knowledgeable and experienced in quality vehicles and maintenance; hence, you can get the best advice and deal from a dealer. CPO cars are inspected and repaired by a mechanic under stringent quality standards. Hence, chances of breakdown are least probable and you can be rest assured of a lasting life for your vehicle.

Multiple options to choose from
You will find a gamut of choices to choose from at an authorized dealer while buying a pre-owned vehicle. Only by visiting a single dealer, can you see a large collection of vehicles. Whereas, while purchasing from a private dealer, you have to interact with as many people as the number of choices available.

Financial assistance through loans
Authorized dealers can arrange loans if they are needed. Such dealers are in tie-ups with banks/financial institutions and can help you get financing easily. They will also adjust the EMIs per your convenience. Another advantage of availing loans through dealerships is that there is less paper work involved and you need not strain yourself by worrying about the tedious bank process as dealerships do it for you.

Dealer’s warranty
Authorized dealers will often offer warranties for the pre-owned vehicles they sell. This enhances their reputation as being reliable and reasonable. By giving such warranty, the dealer stands responsible for any defect that may arise after the deal is complete over time. If any issue arises, they honor the same.

After sale service
Like new vehicles, dealers generally offer after sale service. Once you start using the vehicle, if it needs service, dealers provide them at no cost for a certain period and for a nominal cost thereafter. They may also provide warranty for spare parts.

Thus, settling a deal with authorized dealers is the best option considering the above points. It will substantially reduce the time involved and ensure a fair and reasonable deal worth your money.