Benefits of an all season sun room

All Season Sunrooms Provide Year-Round Use
Homeowners who want to add a porch onto their homes, but would really benefit from the ability to use it year-round might want to check out a sunroom.

That’s right – a sunroom.

Depending on the design of the addition, a sunroom can provide a year-round location for just about any activity in a home. If the design is right, the room can be used no matter how hot it is outside, or cold. Plus, with the sunroom design, the addition will add an incredible architectural feature to the home without damaging the existing lines of the structure.

Sunroom designs for year-round use involve construction using specialized materials that enable cooling in the warmer months and heating during the colder ones. Although they cost more than an average “porch,” the amount of possibilities they present more than makes up for that.

Unlike a conventional addition of masonry or framed room, a sunroom provides a way for a homeowner to bring the outdoors in without its pitfalls. There’s no reason not to enjoy the scenery when a sunroom is the chosen route. These rooms enable homeowners to bask in the sun during the day and soak up the stars at night.

To ensure a sunroom has year-round usability, it’s important to choose the right materials for construction, however. There’s no use planning on heating or cooling a room that’s designed to leak this valuable energy.

Glass is key to a sunroom’s ability to be used no matter the weather. For a room that will be heated and cooled, it’s important to get at least double-glazed glass. Stay away from single-pane glass. This is not good at insulating a room.

Aside from the glass, other considerations include the beams. Aluminum might be recommended for some parts of a room, no matter the design, but it’s not the best at insulating. Choose something that is rated for year-round use.

If building a sunroom on your own, it’s a very good idea to check out materials for their insulation properties before purchasing. Going cheaper at the front end could cost more on heating and cooling bills later.

There’s no reason a well-designed sunroom can’t be used all year round, no matter condition outside. In fact, solariums and conservatories are popular the world over for their beauty and functionality.

If the design is right, a good sunroom can bring the beauty of the outdoors to life while protecting its users from the elements.