Believe In Yourself Not Just In Your Golf Technique

In the Daily Mail, Dr. Bob Rotella was quoted as saying that he wanted Darren Clarke to believe in himself on the putting green, not in technique. That was the day that Darren won the British Open 2011. Darren did believe in himself and he didn’t query his technique.

When push comes to shove, a good mental attitude wins over technique. The problem though is that you need to have a good enough technique to trust, so as to be able to have the right mental attitude. It’s one of those pesky chicken and egg situations that you can get yourself a little confused by.

Many golfers have a sufficiently good technique to be able to play great golf, lower their handicaps and win golfing tournaments. But despite this, many of these same golfers don’t believe in themselves and their ability and so constantly question their game.

What they should be questioning is their attitude as opposed to their technique. The more you question your technique, swing path, trajectory and so on, the less you trust, the less you believe in yourself and your ability to play good golf. Your line of questioning can have the effect of tying up your golf mind and hence your golf game in a whole variety of tight and painful knots.

Golf is a game where success hinges firmly upon belief. Now I’m not saying that you can win without being able to play. Of course you have to have a certain level of ability and lets assume for the purpose of this argument that you do have some ability. You might not have the prettiest of swings and you might not have perfect technique but you can hit the ball and propel it forwards in the general direction that you desire.

If at this stage of your game you are still questioning various elements of technique then you are not ready to win. You might even find your game getting worse instead of better. The more your question, the more you work on technique and the less you can find that you believe.

If you instead worked on your golf mind you would find yourself freeing up your swing and your ability to create great shots. Your mind in anything instinctively works towards achieving an end goal that you have selected. Hence, if you focus your attention upon the end goal that you wish to obtain, your mind unconsciously will find a way in which to get there.

In golf, should your focus be tied up in keeping your arm straight or your head down that is what you will most likely achieve. That may, or may not, lead to a good shot and the ball ending up where you want it to be.

If instead your mind was focused upon imagining the shot that you would wish for, picturing it’s flight and final resting place, nestled up next to the flag, your mind will instinctively drive your body to achieve that goal. Your mental focus effectively frees up your body, tempo and rhythm. Your mental focus draws out your best technique, instinctively.

Roseanna Leaton, avid golfer and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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