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Our Belief in the Catholic Faith Living: The Reason behind its Strength

The existence of the Catholic Church has been too long to be once again traced back. It is older than any other existing Christian sects or denominations in the world. The Catholic believers could very well credit the Catholic faith from the time of Jesus Christ and Peter. Through the course of time, many of the once Catholic believers have deviated away from their original belief and have shifted into other religious affiliations. But what is truly commendable is that the Catholic faith continues to stand still and many of the people have retained their beliefs and traditions alongside the Catholic Church.

As you evaluate the hierarchy that is present in the Catholic Church, you will find out that it bears many similarities with that of the Church that has been established by Jesus Christ himself. After the time of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, Peter became the head of the Church and today, the Catholic faith has the Pope as the supreme head. There are as well the cardinals. The Bishops are on equal footing with the apostles of Christ and the deacons are on equal level with the priests of those times. It is evident that in the Church, only the men are allowed to serve their roles.

There are basically four tenets on which the Catholic Church is founded. They are as follows: One, Catholic, Holy and Apostolic. These Catholic faith living beliefs are embedded with their own definitions.

Being One means that there is only one gospel of the Church and there is only one real Church that the people would have to believe in. It is the only real Church that Jesus Christ has built. Being one also refers to the only body of Jesus Christ.

By Catholic, it is meant that the gospel that needs to be believed is the one that has been conceptualized by Jesus Christ. The name Catholic originates from the Greek term “katas” that means whole or universe. In this case, the tenet Catholic points out that the followers of the Catholic Church must direct their faith and belief in the universally accepted theory.

Holy refers to the perfection, sanctification, and purity of the Catholic Church. It may be true that the members and their practices are not at all holy yet the Church itself is basically perfect and holy.

With apostolic, it means that the Church is composed of apostles or loyal followers.

Most of the opponents of the Catholic faith would find several flaws in the Catholic living faith. They say that there are lots of ceremonies, prayers, and concerns that are dwelled into by the Catholic living faith. There are too many do’s and don’ts but the followers themselves are very much prone to committing sins against these standards.

But despite all the detractors of the Catholic living faith, there are more than 1 billion Catholic believers in the whole world. However, the Catholic Church does not concern itself with garnering plenty of members. Despite all the prevailing moral issues that have confronted the Catholic Church, its followers remain faithful to the living faith standards.

The living faith of the Catholics is centered on the Holy Trinity—that is, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Every Catholic believer affirms that God sent His only beloved son to redeem the people from sin. Christ’s unconditional love for man is so pure that He sacrificed himself for the sake of mankind. This may be the logic as to why through the years, the Catholic living faith has proven its worth and strength.