Belief In Yourself

When you have belief in yourself then you have power in your own life. So many people do not believe in themselves and look outside themselves for the direction and the power in their life.

Look within. Look to yourself. Believe in you. Each and everyone of you have a tremendous ability to accomplish whatever you desire to do in your life. Each and everyone of you have the ability to direct your life in the manner you wish it to go. Each and everyone of you have been given the ability, tools and resources to do so. You already have them.

The problem lies in three areas.

1. Not believing in yourself that you can do so

2. Not knowing what those tools and resources are that you already have.

3. Not knowing specifically how to use them and how to refine your skill in using them.

The solution is:

1.Do believe in yourself. Know that you are most powerful and that the power lies within you. Release any thoughts and beliefs that you have that say you are less than the powerful person that you are.

2.Know that the tools and resources that you possess are in the form of your thoughts and mind. Direct your thoughts. You were born with a mind of immeasurable power. You have thoughts to direct the power of the mind. These are the tools and resources that you always have and do not lose in this physical plane, but are what you are to use as you live and direct this experience in a physical body.

3.Consciously direct your thoughts by deliberately choosing and deciding what thoughts you will think and hold in your mind. Practice holding just the thought you choose. As you do this, your ability to do so will become easier. As it becomes easier to do so, you become more powerful for you are refining your ability. You are honing your skills at mastering your mind. You are becoming most skillful at directing your life and increasing the power you feel within you.

As you do this more and more, your belief in yourself and in your own power will build and you will know for sure that all the power lies within you and not outside you. You will empower your own life for then you will believe in you.

So do you feel like you are stuck someplace in your life? Do you feel like there is something inside of you that is holding you back from having that belief in yourself? Is there some thought that you hold about yourself that you just can’t seem to shake or get by or get rid of? That is where a Release and Replace session is most effective. It is a technique that quickly and effectively releases beliefs that are keeping you from moving ahead in your life and beliefs that are disempowering to you. Let go of what is holding you back from having full belief in yourself. Move ahead and direct your life powerfully.