Being Inspired About What To Do In Every Moment

There are times when what used to be a thriving business, environment or relationship is no longer as alive as before. You find that the people that are involved are starting to drift away as they lose interest in keeping it going. Even you yourself also find that your heart is no longer in it. Yet you still put in energy into it because it will soon be gone if nobody tries to preserve it. But what makes you think that God wants you to preserve it? Maybe he wants it to be destroyed, so that he can create something new.

You know what God wants you to do by the things he inspire you to create. There was something great that you were once inspired into creating. You have a lot of joy and fulfillment creating and experiencing it. But now you no longer feel the same way as before. Try as you might, you just no longer feel the inspiration that was there. You think that since God had led you to create it in the first place, he must want you to continue doing it. You try to revive the passion but it seems to take a lot of energy for it.

The truth is that it was good for that moment, but a new moment has come and so it’s time for a new thing. Something may have been great when it started and continued to be so for a certain period of time, but when the time comes where it seems to die out, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t worth undertaking in the first place since it didn’t last forever. It was the perfect thing to do at the perfect time when it was inspired to be done. When it has finished serving its purpose, it is the perfect time for it to end.

Nothing really goes away completely, it merely changes form. The effect of a previous work or experience will continue to be part of a new work or experience. Had it not been done in the first place, it would not existed to impact the new work in profound and significant ways. There is nothing that is wasted or in vain. Any work that was done at a time when it was inspired to be created would have its place in influencing the universal scheme of things in eternity and everything else that is connected to it.

Since you know that God leads you by your heart’s desire, why are you hanging on to the relationship or the work that your heart is no longer in? It is because you are afraid to lose what you have. The truth is you are not losing anything at all. God wants you to move on to the next experience that will be even better than the one before. Let go of the relationship or business that you no longer desire to be a part of. Let go of the old to make way for the new. Learn to let go and you will always be abundant.

In every moment you are in, always allow yourself to be naturally driven in your actions. When you choose to be in-spired or in-spirit, you will always be guided as to when to do what. If you find yourself trying to keep something going when you are no longer inspired to do so, then you are trying to drive the process, rather than letting yourself be driven. Whenever that happens, you know it’s not going to work because it’s not what God wants. Let things happen through you rather than making things happen.

When you act according to what you’re most inspired to do in every moment, you are also allowing things to happen in divine order. The ordinary order of things that the world has in mind is to follow through from one step to what is logically the next until completion. But when you follow spirit instead of ordinary logic, people may think you are disorderly and not doing things properly. When you follow spirit, you are following a higher logic where things are done not in the usual form of order but in divine order.

Spirit may give you an idea to create a product and so you act on the inspired idea and finish creating the product. According to ordinary order of things, the next logical step is to market it and sell it to the world. But if you are not inspired to do the next step because you feel like creating something else instead, then that’s what spirit is guiding you towards. Spirit has guided you to create it for the moment and then to put it aside and do something else. It is probably not the right timing to release it yet.

Therefore by obeying spirit, you leave it on a shelf and go work on something else. To the world, it may seem that you are leaving something half done which is not exactly the characteristic of someone who is successful. But some time go by, maybe even years later and then you are inspired to take the product you previously created and release it to the world. That is when it becomes a mega success because it was the right timing. That is how acting in divine order and timing produces the best results.

You could also have chosen to force yourself to follow through on the ordinary order of things even though you are not inspired to do so just because you think that is the way it has to be done. But when you do it that way, you end up wondering why it turns out to be a flop and start to wonder whether you were really inspired to create it in the first place. Even when you are guided to release it at that time, the results may come much later in divine order and timing. So trust and obey spirit in every moment.