Being a Passionate Leader – Nu Leadership Series

“A leader does not deserve the name unless he is willing occasionally to stand alone.”
Henry A. Kissinger

Do you have an inspired leader in your organization? Are you feeling motivated in your organization? If not, you need to explore the Passionate Leader. What is a Passionate Leader? This person has an internal drive because “he loves what he does.”

I will make a distinction between a great leader and great manager. I’ve seen passionate managers; however, they weren’t good leaders. These managers were zealots for getting the tasks completed. Their influence, however, was a function of their organizational authority. Joyner, author of Leadership Management, notes the qualities that make a good leader would make poor managers in general.

What is the major reason? A manager must be detailed-oriented to achieve success while a good leader must be concept-oriented (seeing the big picture). There are a few exceptions, however. Joyner explains that large organizations are usually bureaucratic and make it difficult for great leaders to rise to the top. In my organization, it is difficult to implement innovative processes due to a bureaucratic structure. Managers are rewarded for handling tasks, not inspiring people.

Some leaders are forced to start new organizations (for example, Steve Jobs of Apple). Jesus Christ was not a part of “the establishment,” either. Countless leaders (especially change agents) are energized by their passion. I would say it is a critical component for a servant leader. If you want a more effective organization, leader, you need to show some passion.

Joyner, R. (1994). Leadership Management. Charlotte, NC: MorningStar Publications.