Beginning a Scrapbooking Hobby

Although you may not feel you’re handy with crafts, scrapbooking is an artistic hobby about anyone can take up and enjoy.

This hobby lets you combine several things such as photography, writing, and minor crafting, with a valuable end result of preserving favorite memories for many years to come. Family members and future generations will enjoy the work you’ve done.

It may seem challenging to even get started, but doesn’t need to be difficult. Just use a little advance planning and you can easily dive right into it. You can start out simple, and let your skills and ideas blossom over time. One great quality of scrapbooking is that all ages can enjoy it. Men, women and even young children can participate, and preserve memories of themselves, family, and memorable occasions.

To get started with your first scrapbook, the first task is to find some photographs you’d like to use. Pick a topic or theme and categorize them into it. You’ll need a few basic materials, including card stock paper or acid-free paper. We recommend acid-free for best preservation and protection of your photos, as compared to regular card stock.

Next, pick the main photo for your page, and pretend like you are designing for a newspaper. The best photo is one which tells the story and has a good size to serve as the centerpiece. Ideally it should draw the eye into it. Then just assemble the page surrounding this main photo, cropping where necessary. There is no set number of pictures to use and keeping it variable keeps it interesting.

Best not to go too wild with using scissors on your photos, unless they are copies. You don’t want to permanently ruin your own original photos! Cropping photos and fitting them well into the page will take some careful planning to ensure cuts go into the right places. One nice technique with your main photo is to frame it (matting). You may want to embellish it with stickers, bows, ribbons or other memorabilia from the occasion.

Most like to also add written entries, sort of like a photo caption but with more depth where it can detail the significance of a particular photo shot. This is a very important element as memories of the events or pictures fade in time, and future generations wouldn’t otherwise know the history behind the photos.

Before you permanently attach things, arrange them out on the page and ensure your design is to your satisfaction. Once you’re sure you like it, you can adhere everything to the page.

Congratulations, you’ve just begun scrapbooking!