Bedroom Furniture After Divorce – Should You Change It?

Divorce is an extremely nasty process to go through. Feelings get hurt and, if children are involved, things can get really horrible. But after the dust has settled, the house may end up looking a little bare. The bedroom, especially, will look strange as you get used to having someone else’s belongings, possibly including the bedroom furniture, in your private sanctuary. The best advice? Start over.

Culling Things Out

One way to start moving on from the divorce is to make sure that all of your ex’s belongings are out of the house and bedroom. You may have been hanging onto them for sentimental reasons, but if you are going to regain your life, you need to start with a clean slate. Go through the bedroom and empty out all of the drawers, making sure to toss anything that was your ex’s into a pile. If the photos on the wall remind you of your ex, put them in the “get rid of” pile. Cull out the closet and leave only the things that are yours. Make sure your ex gets everything of their back and you should be looking at a brand new room, ripe for decorating with new master bedroom furniture!

New Colors

You might want to start entirely fresh and repaint your room. Most of the time, when we’re living with someone else, we compromise on the master bedroom furniture and paint the walls a color that we have both agreed upon. Go with what you want! If you’ve always wanted to have cranberry walls, paint them that color. If you love pumpkin spice, buy a few gallons and splash it on the wall. Feel free to paint the walls whatever color you’d like, because doing so will help you proclaim the room as wholly yours.

New Furniture

Your bedroom furniture may have gone to your ex during the divorce proceedings, or you may look at a piece and remember the shopping experience with your ex that got you that particular piece. Either way, new master bedroom furniture is in order. Start with the bed, because that is probably the place that the two of you spent your most intimate moments together. Feel free to look at beds, like those from The Fashion Bed Group, and choose what you like. After all, one of the privileges of being divorced is that you don’t have to compromise when decorating your home anymore! Don’t feel as though you have to go to a smaller bed size, because you never know when you’ll have another partner in the bed with you!

New Look Entirely

If you do purchase a new bed, go for a new bureau and night stand as well! You may want to purchase a bedroom set, like those contemporary bedroom sets that you’ve always seen and lusted after. Make the bedroom your sanctuary by getting new pillows, a new comforter, and new lamps! You don’t necessarily need to match things together, but go for a look that screams “this is me!”