Bedding and Bed Linen for All Seasons

Being comfortable in bed is a must all year round, and although one set of bedding and linen may be suitable for a particular time of year; it may not work so well for another. The changes in temperature and conditions mean that there is often a need to change your hotel bedding and bed linen certain times of the year.


The duvet is available in a range of different togs. The lower the tog, the less insulation the duvet gives. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Low tog duvets are often ideal for warmer summer weather, so if this is what you’re after then a 4 tog duvet will be perfect. Whereas a 13.5 tog is ideal for winter weather, keeping you cosy and warm.

So, having a variation of duvets can be important for the interchanging seasons.

The filling the duvet is made of also matters and natural materials such as feather and down duvets may cost more, but they do provide better air circulation. This means that even with a high tog, a duvet with a natural filling may be quite comfortable, even in warm weather.


The pillow also matters and a lot of the same considerations that are made for the duvet should also be made in the case of the pillows. Pillows for instance should provide air circulation for comfort and the materials chosen matter. Once more, feather and down are more comfortable than manmade materials, though there is a difference in the price.

Bed Linen:

Of course, linen also needs to be considered and though there is no tog value associated with linen, the amount of sheets on the bed, and the choice of bedspreads (or no bedspreads) are all considerations you need to be aware of.

Colours should also be considered when choosing bed linen for your hotel rooms, and some colours suit certain times of the year more than others. For example, rich berry colours for may be more suited for colder seasons, whereas lighter colours are perfect for spring and summer, providing a more open airy feel in the room – something visitors may appreciate.

Bed linen material can vary too and the finest sheets use a high thread count cotton. This is known as the GSM and the higher this is, the softer the material. For instance, Egyptian cotton costs more than other lower GSM cottons, as it has a higher thread count and is softer. This can create a sense of quality, but then again it does cost more, so this is another consideration.

Choosing bed linen for all seasons of the year is important and hopefully the aforementioned information will help you decide.