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Bed Bug Removal in Indiana | Prevention Tips

white and pink bed pillow on bedSteps on How to Permanently Remove Bed Bugs

After a long day of working or doing household chores, you’d immediately want to hit the hay and get a good night’s sleep. But what if your bed has unwanted guests in it? Bed bugs can be very annoying. They reproduce quickly and know where to hide. Their anatomy allows them to crawl into various crevices and even into the seams of mattresses.

The good news is, there are ways to conduct a bed bug removal in Indiana. Listed below is a guide on how you can get started.

Identify Possible Infested Areas

When controlling an infestation, be sure to thoroughly inspect areas like under the tags of your bed and box spring. Check the cracks in the bed frame or headboard. Look in between couch cushions, around furniture joints, and behind any hung picture frame or wall decor.  

Do not forget to use a flashlight and magnifying glass to spot these pests. Bed bugs look reddish and are about ¼ inches long. Their droppings look like small black dots, while red markings on infested areas indicate where some of these insects died. Additionally, note if there are any yellow eggs, eggshells, and yellowish skins that have been shed in a specific area.  

Control the Infestation

One of the fastest ways to get rid of bed bugs is to vacuum them up. They stay trapped in the reservoir until you empty it. Be sure to remove the bed bugs and other contents of the receptacle to a sealable plastic bag before throwing it away. Seal the linens, pillowcases, and even affected clothing in a plastic bag as well. If possible, wash these items immediately.

When washing and drying bed bug-infested fabrics, make sure to use the highest temperature setting possible. The heat helps kill any remaining eggs or live bugs. However, if certain pieces of furniture are affected and cannot be effectively treated, it may be best to get rid of them. Do not forget to tag them as bed bug-infested so other people won’t take them into their homes.

Prepare for Bed Bug Treatment

To ensure a thorough bed bug treatment for your home, remove or deep clean the carpets, drapes, articles of clothing, linens, and pillowcases. Throw out paper clutter and unnecessary items because bed bugs can hide in them. Refrain from moving items from an infested room to a non-affected one.

Do not forget to seal any cracks in the wall and clean behind hung frames. Also, move your bed at least about half a foot away from the wall to make sure these pests do not climb on it.

Eliminate Bed Bugs

There are several methods for killing bed bugs. For example, these parasites die in very high and very low temperatures. Washing affected linens and clothing with water that’s about 115 degrees Fahrenheit is found to be effective. You may also place them in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes as well.

Another method is to steam affected mattresses, sofas, or other furniture. Alternatively, you may also place any caught bed bugs in a container and leave it in the freezer for four days.

Keep an Eye on the Infested Areas

It will take time to completely wipe out the bed bugs. To make sure your treatment worked, you’ll need to keep an eye on the infested areas. Observe at least once a week if there are any signs of activity.

Placing bed bug interceptors under the bed can make it easier for you to spot remaining bed bugs. The interceptors can trap the pests so they won’t be able to sneak into your bed again. Note that you will have to keep monitoring these devices regularly for a year. 

Hire a Professional

It can be daunting to find surviving bed bugs when you’ve tried different methods to wipe them out. In case these parasites persist, it’s time to let the professionals handle it. Many pest control companies have special equipment, chemicals, and treatments that may not be available in the local market. 

Hiring their services can assure you that the bugs will be eliminated. Just make sure to follow any instructions they’ll give before and after each treatment.

Be Bed Bug-Free Today!

Getting rid of bed bugs requires time and effort, but conducting bed bug removal in Indiana is crucial. Once these tiny bloodsuckers are gone, you and your family will no longer have to worry about bed bug bites. Get in touch with a pest control company near your area to learn more!