Beauty Secret – Homemade Recipes

Today, you have tripped over a beauty secret. This is an ancient homemade recipe for health and skin care medicine. The vinegary egg sauce has deep roots in Chinese medicine and proven to work miracles to prevent aging, treat digesting problems and exfoliate skin.

This is one of a few formulas which does not taste good. But it’s been highly recommended by so many ladies in from history up till now, that it’s worth a try. The formula was considered the cure for all illness and discomfort in traditional Chinese medicine. It was even said that it can make you live 10 years longer.

Though more can be said, I’ll move on to the formula itself.


Egg (1) – fresh and white shelled. Wash the egg as well as possible so that it’s free of bacteria.

Vinegar (200g) – Chinese black vinegar! Very important to buy Chinese rice based black vinegar.

Honey or sugar

Glass container – opening has to be big enough to put in the egg. It’s recommended to buy container that seals well. Boil the contain to rid of the bacteria.

Put the egg into the container and pour 200g of black vinegar into the container. Seal the contain well with tapes and store it in the fridge for 48 hours. After 48 hours, the egg should appear bigger and the egg shell should already melt into the vinegar. There’s only a think layer surround the expanded egg. Break the egg and mix the whole egg with rest of the vinegar. Separate the sauce into 5-7 portion. Each day, mix one portion of the vinegary egg sauce with 3-5 times more water and some honey and sugar. Drink it with or after meal. Note: Drink no more that instructed, because to much vinegar can cause strong stomach reaction.

It’s not going to taste good, or at least not likely. But hopeful it can make you look good. If it does, imagine how much money you can save if you don’t have to buy all that face mask and paste them all over your body, even just for once.