Beauty – Getting the Raise You Deserve

It has been a rough week. The kids are causing stress. Your husband has not been very loving lately. Work is getting stressful. You are having a bad hair week…. These are all likely instances that can put a damper in our lives. This article is not about those instances… Did you know that you deserve a treat? We all deserve a break, enjoyment, a time to relax, something that puts a smile on our face… That is what this article is about…

A night out

Do you have any friends that still enjoy the nightlife? It is okay to go out every now and again. Make plans to spend a weekend night at a friend’s house or get a hotel room in the city and enjoy the nightlife. There are plenty restaurants to visit, shows to see, and establishments to embrace.

Clean Dream

Use some extra money to hire a house cleaning service for a month or two. Use that time you would have spent on cleaning to relax or do something that you love. Sure, you could clean your own house for free, but can you put a price on your freedom?

A new style

Change is always good. We like to change our hair, but are never sure if we will love it. Solution- buy a wig or hair extensions. They look great and promote change, but you will not have to make a permanent commitment.

From head to toe

Go to a day spa and get a massage. Try a new treatment or new product. Get your finger and toe nails done. You have spent your time pampering others, so appreciate the time in having others pamper you for a little while.

Your own private island

Spend a day with yourself. It is remarkable how we can be so caught up in other activities and people that we don’t ever have time to spend time with ourselves. Take a long walk or drive and do some reflective thinking about what is important and how to achieve those things.

Back to school

There are tons of fun activities to learn through classes. Whether it is aerobic, artful, or just on a topic you always wanted to learn more about, it can be an enriching experience. Look online or in the local papers to find classes available nearby.