Beautiful Hands – Skin Care Tips For Beautiful Hands

The care should be taken about these useful hands. Your great deal of personality is revealed by beautiful hands.

Well cared hands are noticed and admired by all. There are three points which can make our hands beautiful which are soft skin, beautiful nails and pretty fingers. Our hands are under direct attack from water, chemicals and vegetables etc.

Always use gloves for washing clothes and utensils soak hands in a bowl of warm water to which 1 tsp of corn starch has been added for 5 minutes daily after finishing the house-hold chores. Use hand cream often and keep a bottle of it every where you visit frequently such as bathroom or vanity, kitchen and bedroom. Mix glycerin, lemon juice and a few drops of rose water and use it to massage your hands every other day. Exfoliate the hands at least once a week with a nice face exfoliater. One can also use weekly the night face cream on the hands before going to bed. For soft and beautiful hands, apply Vaseline or any other good moisturizer before going to bed. Hand exercise not only stimulates proper circulation, it also helps in maintaining the perfect shape of hand and fingers.

Finger is also part of your hand. finger massage is using four fingers from the opposite hand, start at the top of the finger and knead your way down to the tip of each finger. A paraffin bath which heats therapy for hands relief from muscle tension, and moisturizes dry hands can be really good. Hand care is something that you can do at home. The best way to take care of your hands is use our hands to do all the work in and outside the house many of us pay very little attention to taking care of them. If one is having dry skin, then one should scrub the hands under lukewarm salt water. It is an effective home exfoliater for dry skin hands. After scrubbing, massage the hands with a good moisturizer. Here are a few ways in which you can take care of the skin of your hand.

* Moisturize your hands as many times as you can in a day. Dry skin looks wrinkled and can easily be damaged.
* Wear gloves while washing dishes, dealing with chemicals and while gardening.
* Protect the skin on your hands from the sun.
*Treat yourself to a paraffin treatment. Your hands will be softer and the warm wax will also increase blood circulation and allow for the restoration of improved skin color and ease any joint stiffness.
* Apply a mixture of one teaspoon honey and one teaspoon olive oil to slightly damp clean hands. Put on plastic gloves and cover with cotton gloves for thirty minutes. The heat will help the treatment to penetrate.
* Microwave a cup of milk for 30 seconds (or until comfortably warm to the touch) and soak hands for five minutes to strengthen nails and hydrate skin.
*Apply petroleum jelly to hands and cover with cotton gloves while you sleep through the night.