Beautiful Collectible Dolls

Proper Care For Your Beautiful Collectible Dolls

It is one thing to own some beautiful collectible dolls and another to maintain it. If you fail to do so, no one will want to buy it and you might as well throw it in the garbage.

The first thing you have to do when you buy your beautiful collection doll is to keep the original packaging for the simple reason that it is worth a lot more money especially when everything is still intact.

If there is any tape on the hair or the clothes, you should remove it immediately because this can discolor the fabric. Also, double check if there are any metal wires because this can turn to rust.

It is impossible to display all the beautiful collectible dolls you have and so you will have to hide others to give way to the new ones you acquired. There should be a layer of acid free tissue placed in between the doll and the clothing because just like tape, the color of the fabric may bleed into the doll’s body.

The most important thing to do is to let the doll face down. This will prevent the eyes from pushing to the back of the head. This should be checked regularly so any problem can be detected and fixed immediately.

Should the body of the doll leak sawdust, you can fix this by putting a few drops of glue in the hole where it came out. But if the area is hard to contain, you should put a round patch made out of kid or muslin then placed this over the hole.

If your collection of beautiful collectible dolls happens to sleep or their eyes are able to close, you should clean the eyes thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol that is mixed in water. You should hold the eye you are cleaning open and then apply a few drops with a medicine dropper until it is completely covered. The same should be done to the other eye several times and then drained by letting the doll face down. Once it is dried, make it stand up and then wipe everything off with a clean dry cloth.

A few things you should never do.

First, never change the original clothes or change the hair. Believe it or not, interested buyers like it just the way it is. If some parts of the beautiful collectible doll are made of wood, never let it get into contact with water because this will cause a stain.

Given that there are so many beautiful collectible dolls in the market, it is really hard to choose which one to start your very own collection. If you want to stick to convention, two favorites are Barbie and porcelain dolls.

These two have been around for more than 40 years and even as new brands come in, they are still a classic.

Initially, you may not have bought the beautiful collectible doll to sell it but if ever you change your mind, the tips mentioned above will be very useful and get you the best possible price. So you will also know how much it costs in today, look it up in the Internet or ask someone from the specialty store because they are the authority figures on this matter.