Beaded Jewelry

Many questions arise especially for consumers when they are shopping around for jewelry. Such questions are like what is beaded jewelry? Since time immemorial jewelry has been used as adoration or ornamental item for men, women and children. They are also worldwide by different cultures for a number of reasons. Mostly they are used to enhance the beauty of the users by making them adorable. These ornamental items can be made from precious metals, organic gemstones, mineral gemstones, and other natural objects. The most commonly used materials to make ornaments are beads. Beads are usually small cosmetic objects that are threaded together to form a beautiful wearable ornament. They can be made up of materials such as plastic, stone, wood, metal, and glass to mention but a few.

There are a number of ways employed to come up with stunning beaded jewelry. The most common is by joining the beads together by the use of special thread or a specialized type of wire. They can also be attached to a surface such as clay, skin, piece of cloth and any other material to come up with an ornament. The ornamental item designed will be defined by materials used to make the beads, unique surface patterns on them, general shape, place of origin, among other factors. The beads themselves can be made from natural or artificial materials. The early beads were generally made of naturally occurring materials. These natural materials used are both organic such as plant or animal based and inorganic which originate from minerals. Examples of natural materials used for the production of ornamental beads are animal horns, coral, bones, wood, a wide variety of seeds, ivory, and animal shell among others.

When you want to identify what is beaded jewelry it should be any ornamental items using beads. It will not matter where they have come from and whether they are natural or artificial. Some of the ornamental items created by use of beads are bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, among others. The beads are usually produced in large masses mostly by curving, casting, and drilling depending on the material they are made up of. Combination of different techniques and the materials used may be applied at any one time or the other. They are also formed into different shapes and sizes depending on the ornament they will be used to make. Variations or patterns may also be applied on them to make them attractive. In some instances dying can also be applied.

The beads once ready are then used to create different ornamental products. These products will be worn in different parts of the body. There are many reasons why people will prefer to wear such adornments depending on cultures, religion or belief. Some will wear them as charms, prayer beads, for currency purpose, and gaming purpose. There are those people who will adorn them purely to make themselves beautiful, confident, and presentable. The above clearly helps define what is beaded jewelry helping differentiate between other types of jewelry available.