Beach Theme Wedding

Essential Elements in Beach Theme Wedding

So you have decided to go for a beach theme wedding. Your next task is to gather all the things needed that suite the beach wedding theme you want to achieve. To help you on this, here are the essential elements that you can go without:

Groom’s Attire. The key to a good groom’s attire, which is also applicable to all those people who will come, is wearing casuals. Khaki pants and a white long-sleeve polo and simple yet elegant to wear. Or, a Hawaiian shirt would do, matched with beige short pants. The groom can also wear white tops and white pants. This will not only match the theme of your wedding, it will also keep the ceremony less formal and more fun than the conventional church wedding.

Groomsmen’s Attire. The groomsmen often wear clothes similar to the groom although they can always let lose on what to wear since it is a beach wedding. You get the point.

Bride’s Attire. A simple white gown is always the best choice for the bride. To make it more beach themed-attire, wear a tropical flower or flower wreaths to your hair.

Bridesmaids’ Attire. Clothes that match your wedding color scheme are always a great choice as the bridesmaids’ attire.

Footwear. Flip flops are enough to match theme but if you want to feel the sand on your feet, then no one is stopping you to go barefooted. After all, you can save money doing it since you don’t have to buy new shoes.

Wedding Invitation. An invitation always creates the first impression to any occasion. So, if you want to emphasize your wedding theme, make beach wedding motif invitations. You have probably heard of an invitation inserted inside a bottle or an invitation with a printed picture of a tropical beach. Be creative and conceptualize your wedding invitation carefully.

Centerpieces. Candles surrounded by seashells and decorated by confetti and white sand can create a good centerpiece for your beach theme wedding. You can also go for a tall fishbowl half-filled with white sand and decorated with sea flowers or corals on the top.

Wedding Favors. There are lots of beach theme wedding favors available at any novelty shops. Some of the choices are: Flip flops keychain, scallop shell keychain, miniature tin pale decorated with seashells with candles, handcrafted wooden sails, seashell place card holder, beach-themed art coaster, beach chair place card holder, shell bookmarks, and more. Just choose from these or create one of your own.

Decorations. There are lots of inexpensive materials that will work well as decorations for your beach wedding. There are: Pearls, seashell of various shapes and sizes, star fish, beach sand, anchors, drift woods, nets, rope, oars, life rings, beach balls, buoys, and surfing boards. Use some of these materials which you think are appropriate and will bring out a beach wedding atmosphere. Or, use the beach as your background. The nature itself will give definition to your beach theme wedding.

Wedding reception. A beach theme wedding is best if both the ceremony and the reception are held at the beach. Here, you can just add simple decorations on and around the tables and chairs since you already have the sea, sand, and waves around you.

One important thing though: avoid overdoing all these elements. Instead, keep it simple yet elegant.