Beach Theme Wedding Favor

Beach Theme Wedding Favor Ideas

If the beach theme wedding invitation makes the first impression to your guests, the beach theme wedding favor seals the celebration with an impact. This is why it is equally important to give careful attention to the wedding favor. Surely, you want your guests to remember your wedding day not only through the fun time they had during the occasion, but also with the favor they will take home.

However, in order to give a lasting impact to your guests, your beach theme wedding favor should be able to act as the symbol of the whole wedding experience they had.

How to do it? By simply making a unique wedding favor that is faithful to the overall beach wedding theme or by making sure that you incorporate your personally as a couple to your wedding favor.

Following the theme, therefore, is one of the best ways to identify an ideal wedding favor. Meaning, you have to be consistent on using the elements in your wedding. For example, both your wedding ceremony and reception are held at the beach. Since the venue have the elements of sand, sea, and wind, make sure that you incorporate these to your favor.

A way to do it is by filling up a miniature bottle with sand and shell with thank you note in a small piece of paper. Or, you can make a flip flop keychain to make your guest remember that they should have not worn their formal shoes during the wedding. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is to think of the things that are suitable as a wedding favor.

Being faithful to the overall beach wedding theme, however, does not mean that you spend a lot of money for each favor. You do not also have to buy a $10 wedding favor just to impress your guests. Be cost-effective. There are several cheap, yet meaningful favors around that will easily make a lasting memory to your guests.

Incorporating your personality as a couple was mentioned to be another way decide a wedding favor. This means that your favor should define at least one of your common interests, hobbies, or characters.

For example, you both love surfing. Why not give a wedding favor that includes a surf board. Or, if your only reason why you choose to have a beach theme wedding is to be unique, then stick to it but still use your personality as a basis of choice of wedding favor. Use humorous, sentimental, entertaining, functional objects as your wedding favor.

One way to break the monotony of a traditional wedding ceremony is by being unique. That is why you have decided to have a beach theme wedding. Do not destroy it by making a lousy wedding favor. Make a cheap, meaningful, and unique beach theme wedding favor…

As a final thought, a beach theme wedding favor is a nice way to say “thank you” to your guests that have arrived but it is not a must have. Although guests appreciate receiving a favor, few can only notice the absence of it. If you have helped clean up after a wedding, you may have noticed that there are guests who don’t even remember to take home their favors with them. These end up together with other trash!