Beach Theme Wedding Cake

It’s Beach Wedding Time: Make a Beach Theme Wedding Cake

Since you have decided to have a beach wedding, everything you know about the traditional wedding or everything you see from other weddings you have attended at the past would be replaced by your creative thinking of the most unique and exciting beach celebration possible. Along with that is the creation of unique beach theme wedding cake.

Forget several layers of cake with figurines wearing tux and long white gown at the top. Forget that staircases with no practical reason at all and just add to the cost of the cake. Forget the rules if there are any. Be bold and be unique with the design of your cake.

What should be the size of the beach wedding cake?

Your wedding cake size should depend on the number of guests that will attend. The usual serving size for each person is 2 ounces which is practically 4 inches by 2 inches. Multiply that size to the number of guests attending and you will have your ideal wedding cake size. The price of a wedding cake varies if done by a professional. Make your pick.

What is the shape of the wedding cake?

Anything! As was said, forget the rules. So do not limit yourself to the popular 2- or 3-layer cake. Your beach theme wedding cake can be round, rectangular, square, and sculpted. It can even be a shape of a surfing board or a sailboat. One thing you have to consider if you want to save a lot of money: do not make individual cakes to each guest table. Instead, make a big one. Place it at the center of the reception area.

Do you want further savings? Ask a friend who loves to bake a cake. This is just a small favor to them since they love doing it- aside from the fact that they can see work displayed be tasted by all the guests at your wedding. They may ask for a price but not as high as the amount asked by professionals.

Now, you just have to take note of the following considerations when you are planning to hold your reception in an open area:

If you are having a reception during mid-day, then you have the problem with the heat of the sun. So avoid placing your wedding cake under direct sunlight. Use a dummy cake if you must and hide your real cake in a safe and shaded place until it is time to do the slicing.

You might not have a problem with the sun if you are holding your wedding reception at night. But bugs and some insects might either intentionally or accidentally land on your cake. Either way, it is still unpleasant. So cover your cake with decorative drapes to keep these tiny creatures away Take note, drapes should be decorative to make look pleasing to the eyes of the guest.

You can also purchase small and decorative cake boxes that you will give away to your guests. Keep them in a cool place until it is time to pass them out. These can also serve as your wedding favor. Insert a small thank you note on the ribbon to make it more personalized.