Beach Crocs: Not Just For The Beach!

It’s a bit early to say but judging from the widespread popularity of Beach Crocs, it appears that we have in our midst a future classic in the making. If you have any doubts about that statement, just take a look around you the next time you go to the mall or to the beach, and you will probably see these rubber clogs adorning the feet of several people, young and old. Equally at home in the casual urban setting of a mall and on sandy beaches, Beach Crocs can also typically be seen at the park or in neighborhood swimming pools–basically everywhere that calls for a comfortable, sturdy shoe that is not too fancy or dressy.

One of the most striking features of Beach Crocs is its look. Now in this area, most people seem to fall into one of two camps: the haters and the aficionados. For some people, the look of these rubber clogs just doesn’t do it for them, and they do not want anything to do with them whatsoever, regardless of how comfortable they purportedly are. The ones who are enamored of the design and look of Beach Crocs on the other hand, just can’t get enough of them, and they probably already own more than one pair. The bottom line is: it’s pretty hard to stay ambivalent about Beach Crocs, you either love ’em or you hate ’em.

One thing that you can’t argue about though, is how amazingly comfortable Beach Crocs are. Whether or not you are a fan, you would be hard pressed to find any shoe–or any other type of footwear for that matter–that can even come close to the comfort and feel that Beach Crocs can provide. This is due mostly to the loose fitting design of the shoe, which allows unparalleled freedom of movement while still retaining a natural feeling fit. With Beach Crocs, there is enough room for your feet to move anyway you please yet the shoe never feels unwieldy or that it is about to fall off.

The patented Croslite PCCR material, also gives a thoroughly enjoyable spongy feel that still manages to support your arches adequately. The result is a shoe that is a sheer joy to wear, even for hours and hours.

Beach Crocs are a marvel of modern day design with many clever touches that hint subtly at the care and thought that went into its creation. For one thing, holes are cut along the front and the sides and over the top of the shoe, which allows plenty of ventilation for your feet. For another, a strap is included that can serve to keep the shoe securely on your feet as you would expect. Unlike in other shoes however, the strap can be flipped forward to allow you to slip your feet in quickly when you are using it in more casual settings and where keeping them on is not so much a concern. These are just a few design touches that make Beach Crocs the best idea in footwear around.