Be Who You Are With Fairy Tattoos

Today, one of the most common body accessories that differentiate the “cool” woman from the plain Janes are the cute little tattoos that she proudly wears on her skin.

You can say anything you want but you can never take away the fact that the women who get themselves inked are mostly the outspoken ones, the opinionated, those who possess strong values and beliefs, and those who have more confidence in themselves.

When talking of tattoo ideas for women, we immediately think of floral tattoos, butterfly or dragonfly tattoos, and hearts. And they get kind of, well, boring. But here’s one that is also very common, but despite its being popular with the girls, no two designs are quite alike, unlike cross tattoos and other symbols, –the fairy tattoos.

Fairy tattoos can take on different meanings. It could project an aura of innocence and a cheerful, lighthearted air. It could also stand for beauty with a playful flair. But did you know that fairies in Ireland, where the concept of fairies originated from, are considered evil beings?

Fairies are believed to be territorial beings of the underworld who would punish those who invade their “territory” and bring forth ill luck to individuals they dislike. And they do not look pleasing at all! But the fairies that Walt Disney conjured up for us are the charmingly impish creatures of perfection. And, apparently, that is what modern fairy tattoos are sticking up with.

Fairy tattoos, then, can be worn by people of various personalities: for the sweet and the young-at-heart; or for those who have a naughty, fun-loving personality, and anybody in between. The trick is in the design and the colors used and on how they are worn.

Fairy tattoos could be done in black and white for a more serious look, or in different colors for a playful, more feminine look. Also, the appearance of the fairy tattoo, its facial expression, its size, pose, clothing, and colors used can be customized according to the person’s personalities. Now, tell me how you will find that boring?

They can be worn on the lower back, on one hip, on the lower belly, or below the collar bone. It looks more sensual when worn on these areas. But they also look quite perfect on the shoulder, the wrist, lower legs, or anywhere the wearer chose to wear them. One thing you should remember, though, these fairy tattoos are more interesting when they are located in places where they can easily be seen.

Nowadays, anyone can get a good tattoo. All you need to have is the right attitude, the conviction to do so, and the money to pay for a good tattoo artist. They can be a bit costly, you know. And if you want to get your money’s worth, be ready to pay for it.

Also, just like marriage, getting a tattoo is a lifelong decision. And you’ll have to go through a long and painful process trying to part with it if you find later on that you don’t really want it. Think it over. And when you’re done, do it again, more carefully this time.