Be Where You Want To Be.

You have to set standards for where you WANT TO BE, not where you are. You have to ask yourself, “Who do I want to become and what kind of rules would that person live by?” Your current level of performance may be fine for now, but if you do not expand the context or reality of who you are, the world will run you over eventually.

Like on a jet fighter, the higher the performance, the tighter the tolerances. If you want to make more money, sell more or have a bigger network, you have to set standards and rules for yourself that are not negotiable. These rules have to ask more of you and your team than the current status quo, otherwise you will never rise beyond your current level.

Advice: Learn how to create a Set of Rules that will AUTOMATICALLY get
you to grow. The rules of rich class people are different that the rules of the poor and middle class. The stronger your Rules the more it will attract others who naturally seek to live by the same rules. You as a person will get bigger, more respected and will become a magnet for others who share your wavelength.
Your sales will multiply and your networks will expand with the RIGHT KIND OF PEOPLE who will in turn attract more of the “right kind of people.”