Be Outrageous!

It’s because it’s so important to you, the thought of not achieving it scares you to death. You may find yourself paralyzed around it. Self-doubt may arise. You may question whether you are equipped to have that dream come to fruition. All of this self-doubt can cause you to stay stuck in a rut!

Here’s the cure: Be OUTRAGEOUS. BE BOLD!

For goodness sake, you don’t have forever to make this dream come true! Take advantage of this now. Sure, you’ll question whether you’re good enough. So what? Yes, you’ll fumble and face obstacles along the way — Good! It’ll build character and make your life story ever more interesting.

Stop sitting on the sidelines waiting for your big dream to come true. You need to take action and take action NOW. Here’s how:

1. Test your dream. Does your dream really light you up? If it doesn’t, you need to dream bigger. The way to know if you’re totally lit up is if the dream creates a buzzing sensation inside of you that you can’t tell whether it’s nervousness or excitement. When you feel that, always choose to view this energy as excitement!

2. Take a Big Hairy Audacious Step. What’s one outrageous thing that you could do that will help you achieve your dream? It has to be something so bold that it stirs that excited/nervous feeling inside of you again. It can’t be something ordinary. Ordinary will keep you stuck in the same rut. Instead, go for bold. The mere act of doing it — regardless of the results it yields — will turn the stagnant energy around.

3. Brag. Tell people about your bold step. We are taught in this society that it’s better to be modest and demonstrate humility by discussing what’s not working. Well, it’s not. Sometimes when you downplay your strengths and achievements, you start to get caught up in a negative thinking pattern. You start to believe that your complaints are the only truths you have. Instead, celebrate what you’ve done. Talk about how, despite your apprehension, you took bold action. As you do, you may even inspire your friends to take their own bold action!

So, what’s your next outrageous step? Your dream awaits you!