Be Open to Receive What You Create!

So you have something you have been working on creating for some time now. Maybe it’s your dream career, maybe it’s a car, or maybe it’s a deeply fulfilling love relationship…

Whatever it is, if you really want to receive something new into your life, you will need to be open to receive it.

In this world of ours, there is so much focus on action, pushing and making things happen. Even those of us who use the Law of Attraction on a regular basis can fall into this trap.

What you will want to know that this is NOT the vibration of receiving.

The vibration of receiving is much softer, it is not a pushing our way kind of energy. It is much more like an allowing energy.

Think of it like this. Imagine your dream was at the top of a mountain. Yes, there is definitely a journey to the top of the mountain, but at some point the journey ends and you reach your dream.

The energy you have as you pursue your dream can tend to be stuck in that action mode, but when you receive your dream, you have to relax and take it in.

You don’t want to be so tired from your action journey that you are exhausted when you reach your dream!

And you don’t want to be stuck in the action mode, reach your dream and say “okay, I’m here, better get going to the next one…”

And more than that, you don’t want to get so stuck in the action mode that the Universe sends you the long way to the top, the way filled with difficulty, stress and frustration.

Learning to receive is a lot like allowing yourself to enjoy your life. It’s not all about the actions you take. If you really want to align your energy with what you want, to be open to receive it, you will want to stop along the way and feel the wonderful energy of your dream.

You want to be connected to the feeling of your dream when it will be your life. You will want to relax into that feeling. You want to enjoy that feeling now, so you match what you want and it can come into your life easily.

When you are open to receive, your energy matches what you want so much that it feels logical that what you want be your reality. Rather than be something “out there” that you’ll get to one day, you want to feel as though it is your reality.

Sounds simple, but it is a huge shift in energy. As a spiritually conscious person, who is likely intuitive, the way of action alone no longer gives us the results we want.

Rest in that softer energy of receiving and enjoying your dream. I will bet it will make your dream come so much faster than if you take the action only route. And it will be so much more enjoyable because you have been living it all along.

Take a few moments along your journey to relax into the wonderful feeling you will have when your dream is here. This will help you be open to receive your dream much more quickly and joyfully than if you were to only focus on action.

Copyright (c) 2007 Fia Crandall