Be Healthy and Happy with Outdoor Family Games

According to the experts there are two things which are a problem in our society. First is that we’re not getting enough exercise. We spend too much time sitting around. We sit on the couch, we sit in front of the TV, we sit in the car, we sit behind our desks. We just do too much sitting. Of course sometimes we just have to sit, but we need to do less of it. Maybe we wouldn’t all be so fat if we moved around a little more.

Back in the good old days, Americans got much more exercise. Not so today. We need to do more walking, running, jogging or even just moving around–take the stairs instead of the elevator–you know the drill. One recent report from the American Cancer Society says that lack of exercise is just as dangerous to our health as smoking! That’s a surprise! Plus, they tell us that people who don’t exercise are two times as likely to have heart disease as people who are exercising even a moderate amount.

Back in the early 60’s there were large numbers of people walking or jogging. It was quite a fad to see how far you could walk in a day. People would walk as much as 20, 25 or 30 miles in a day. And the newspapers would write articles about it! Even back then, our country was worried that we were sitting around and getting flabby. No one expects us to walk 30 miles today, but it we be good if we did something simple like play an outdoor family game together.

The experts say that just a small amount of exercise is still helpful for our bodies. Many people are taking advantage of outdoor family games to add some exercise to their routines. The popularity of backyard games has increased dramatically over the past year or two. There are many different types from which to choose and they’re an inexpensive way to have fun while exercising.

A current favorite game is BlongoBall. It’s fun for everyone to play, it’s easy to set up and play-and it’s even easy to be a winner! No special skills required to thoroughly crush your competition.

BlongoBall is played by tossing a bolo made from two golf balls at either end of a length of rope in such a way that it will wrap around the horizontal rungs of a “ladder” type goal. It’s easy and fun and anyone can play.

There are lots of imitators in the “toss it, wrap it, score” game categories, but BlongoBall is the original. We’ve tested lots of these types of games and it seems like BlongoBall is the only one built to last. Some of them broke within minutes of being out of the box. So, use caution when buying a game in this category.

The next thing the experts are saying is the we’re not spending much time together as families. Spending more time with your family may not exactly help you stay in shape unless you’re chasing each other around the house, but spending time together is an essential part of developing a healthy family atmosphere. Pshychology and parenting authorities encourage families to be together for more than just accomplishing the household chores. Families need to have fun together.

This is a natural place for outdoor family games to fit into the routine. Most families will have a great time with a game that’s as easy and fun to play as BlongoBall. Even tempermental teenagers can easily become interested in game that’s a little challenging but not demanding a tremendous amount of skill.

We especially like BlongoBall because it’s easy to talk and interact with each other while playing. It doesn’t require intense concentration but is still demanding enough to maintain the interest of the whole family. Players of all ages and skill levels will want to play. In addition, you can purchase soft rubber ball sets to use indoors, so BlongoBall can be played all year long–even when there’s snow outside!

All in all, outdoor family games are a great idea not only for staying in shape physically, but for keeping your family in shape and emotionally healthy.