Be A Visionary Thinker And Not An Idle Dreamer

Self motivation is something many of us find hard. We know what we want but we just can’t seem to get motivated to do anything about getting it. But, if you’re going to get to where you want to get to, you need to be a visionary thinker and not an idle dreamer.

Too many people dream of the life they want but are unable to be any plan of action into getting that life. We all dream. Dreaming is the easy part. But how to change a dream into a vision – a vision that will propel us in to that life?

Many successful people have the ability to role-play the life they want. They may not be where they want to be, but that doesn’t stop them from acting out the life they want; the life they know, one day, they’ll have. The ability to do this is important. Many of us are rational thinkers, and know that we could make every aspect of our ‘dreams’ come true, but we take absolutely no action towards making any of them likely to happen.

We can all learn a lesson from watching children. All children learn about themselves and the life they’re going to live through play. They simply play at being the person they want to be; a doctor, a teacher, a scientist, a mother. They use props around them to act out the life they going to have. They will show everyone one around them, the husband they going to marry, the car they’re going to have, the new worlds they’ll be the first to discover. I’m not suggesting that we all revert to playing like children, however role playing and vocalising our future will helps us. But why does acting out our dreams make an impact on our motivation?

Firstly, it helps us to feel some of the pleasure and enjoyment which the realization of our dreams will bring. It has been shown, time and again, that we are much more likely to achieve goals which trigger strong emotions in us.

Secondly, role playing implants unforgettably inspiring, vivid images in our subconscious. Even imaginary seeing is believing.

By expressing your vision, you turn your daydreaming of mixed up, meandering and unconnected images into lifelike, linked and solid visions. Your visions will be lifelike, linked and consistent; more like a believable documentary than a whimsical fairytale. The more you believe in your goals the more likely they are achieved. You can use the picture power of your imagination to fix a vivid, detailed, inspiring image of your desired future in your subconscious mind.

We can also use our visionary thinking from the past to help motivate us for the future. We can use the wisdom we have gained from our life and re-apply and re-kindle the dreams of our childhood and youth. Don’t be afraid to recollect those grandiose dreams. By honestly re-experiencing the dreams and aspirations of our earlier life, we can confirm that those dreams of yesteryear are, at heart, the dreams we carry in our heart today. But now we can use our experience to find an acceptable compromise.