Be A Smart Tourist During Your Lake Tahoe Vacation

Anywhere you go around the world, it always pays to know what to do and sometimes all it takes is common sense, so be a smart tourist during your Lake Tahoe vacation.

First time tourists usually fall prey to ‘unsuspecting’ circumstances like waiting in line for hours just to get a meal, or get frustrated over exaggerated offers for good deals on trips and vacation packages or sometimes even end up on a lonely resort without even a slightest hint of what was offered for the ‘price-buster package.’

All too commonly, Lake Tahoe visitors fall prey into common time-wasters and fun-busters, it could be the result of a lot of things but one thing’s for sure, the primary reason for such a predicament will always have to be about poor planning.

It’s either they are stuck in gridlock due to a possible rush of vacationers in getting to their desired vacation spot, or basking at South Lake Tahoe sunburned yet miserable due to some or waiting in queue at world-famous restaurants for hours on end.

But truth be told, sometimes all it takes is just some common sense and carefully planned activities to let you enjoy your Lake Tahoe vacation.

Being a smart tourist does not only keep you away from the hassles of messing up your vacation, it also helps you enjoy more and even get to spend less money.

Here are some of the best tips to apply that would try and make things easy for you, rest assured this is not rocket science.

It pays to get organized, especially in making sure that you do not get lost.
When planning your activities around Lake Tahoe, use a map to locate everything you want to see, and plan your route in advance. Otherwise, you may spend unnecessary time back-tracking around the lake.

To avoid getting unusually burned, make sure you check out for a sunscreen test. It’s as simple as taking along a sunscreen when going outdoors, preferably with a higher SPF (Sun Protection Factor).
The reason for this is the intense heat of the sun since yolu are at an altitude of no less than 6,000 feet above sea level.

If you should drink alcohol, drink it in moderation.

The effects of alcohol are greater at 6,000 feet, so better watch out if you are driving around.

Avoid the rush, since Lake Tahoe is busier in summer than in winter.
Same goes with the fact that there are more visitors on weekends than on week days.
If possible, plan your getaway on a weekday since most hotels prices take a nosedive during Sunday nights and vacancies can be found everywhere.

If you are planning to have dinner in one of the famous restaurants in Lake Tahoe, make sure to have dinner reservations beforehand, especially on the North Shore area on Friday and Saturday nights.

You have to be sure to have something to keep you warm during outdoor activities during nighttime.

Nights are extraordinarily cool even during summer nights at Lake Tahoe, so bring a warm jacket and a pair of long pants to pull on over your shorts.

Avoid annoying traffic, especially at the South Lake Tahoe area by taking advantage of the Blue Tahoe Trolley and Emerald Bay Shuttle.

Those are some of the common tips on how to be a smart tourist during your Lake Tahoe vacation, guaranteed it will save you money, time and effort in doing so.