Bathing Your Beautiful Baby

How do you know when it is okay to give your baby a bath in the tub?

After your baby’s umbilical cord has fallen off and the area is healed, you can ask your baby’s pediatrician about giving your baby a bath in the tub.

Once he or says gives you the “A-Okay”, then go ahead and give your baby a wonderful relaxing bath! Before you begin:

First things first, double check that you have everything you need in close reach – baby safe soap, towel, washcloth? Be sure the room is nice and warm. Babies can get chilly easily, so if necessary use an extra heater to warm the room. Double check that your room is warm enough and that there will be no unexpected drafts.

Begin by preparing a little diluted baby soap by mixing warm water and baby safe soap in a small bowl or dish. Use this solution so that you don’t have to worry about getting too much soap on your already slippery little one.

Before you get started be sure you are calm and relaxed. Enjoy this special time together. You won’t be able to answer the phone, check your email or take a break for a bit so if you need to use the bathroom, do so before you get started with your little one’s bath.

Find a clean place to bathe your baby. Usually the kitchen sink does the trick or use a baby bath inside a larger area (sink or bathtub). If you do not use a baby bath tub, you may try putting a small hand towel, or non-slip mat on the bottom of the sink. This can help prevent your baby from slipping, once they get wet and soapy.

And don’t forget – never leave a baby unattended even for one quick moment during a bath. You must remain with your baby at all times during a bath.

Giving your baby a bath in 9 easy steps

1. Now begin to fill the bath with only a few inches of warm water. Make sure you test the water so that it is warm to touch. Not too cold or too hot. Fill the tub and turn water off before placing baby in the “bath”. If possible move the water faucet out of the way to prevent baby from moving and bumping into it.

2. While you are undressing baby continue to talk to her and explain what’s going to happen next. Babies learn through experiences, so the more you explain what is happening the more they’ll learn.

3. Hold your baby securely, and as you look lovingly into her eyes, being extra careful to support her head, slowly place her into the bath water. You may take extra care to introduce her slowly to the water. Always watch for baby’s cues and take a hint from this communication as to her likes and dislikes.

4. Begin by washing your baby’s face. When washing you might first just start with water so that she can get used to how it feels. Then wash with a little of your baby safe soap mixture. Always careful to not get any soap in baby’s sensitive eyes.

5. Then wash the top of her head and work downwards making sure to wash the ears, neck and all those chins!

6. Taking extra care so baby doesn’t slip, wash her cute little arms and legs, and don’t forget to clean between the fingers and toes.

7. Next, carefully clean around the belly button and diaper area. Remember to rinse each area very thoroughly.

8. Now it’s time to wash her back. Hold your baby so that you can reach around and wash her back and bottom.

9. You’re just about done. Carefully lift your little one out of the bath and wrap her up in a soft towel taking extra care to keep her head warm while you drying her. Put on a diaper and a snuggly outfit, give a kiss and hug. She’s clean and ready for the rest of the day!

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