Bassett Convertible Cribs

Like most other manufacturers Bassett now makes convertible cribs. The company’s latest collection owes much of its design inspiration from older American country styles. For, those who love simple, Cottage, New England or Shaker styles, Bassett Convertible cribs will pull at the heart strings.

Harking back to traditional American furniture styles seems to sit well with this Virginia based company. Unlike many baby furniture manufacturers, the company still makes its cribs in the United States using only the finest hardwoods and craftsmanship.

Using traditional designs and good materials is one thing, but Bassett convertible cribs are also made using the latest technology. Not only does this help to make a Bassett affordable whilst still being of the highest quality, it also means that each piece of nursery furniture meets and exceeds industry standards. All its convertibles have Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification, which helps to ensure a baby sleeps safely and that parents can sleep safe in the knowledge that no harm will come their little one.

Bassett aren’t going to be to everyone’s liking. Surprisingly, the company has not come up with a broad range of designs. There are no European modern styles, like that found in Pali cribs. And, the designs, whilst being very traditional, lack the intricate and fancy detailing of manufacturers such as Munire Cribs. The company doesn’t really make cheap baby furniture either; instead, Bassett cribs occupy the mid-range price range.

Inevitably, many parents won’t be buying a Bassett crib, but for those who like or yearn for good-old-fashioned, simple American furniture they will appreciate the designs of many of the Bassett convertible cribs.

The names used in the various collections give an idea of what to expect. The Cottage Pine collection is based on American country designs. There’s a wainscot panel on the headboard. The legs are curved but simple which is reflected in the gentle curve of the back. The slats are also simple affairs. This is a 3-in-1 crib so it can be converted to a day bed – with this model there’s only a headboard; no footboard when made into a bed.

The New Haven crib by Bassett reminds one of Shaker furniture. The headboard has a simple wainscot and straight top. The legs are squared and straight but are thin and graceful. The rails of the top and bottom panels have a very gentle downward curve – when converted to day bed, this piece of furniture reminds one of a Shaker Settle. The New Haven crib comes in two finishes; Natural and Cherry – the Cherry is definitely the one to choose.

There are quite a few others in the collection, but let’s take a quick look at just one; The American Home. Unlike the two mentioned above, this is a 4-in-1 convertible crib by Bassett. This means that it will convert not only into toddler and day bed, but it can also be converted to a full size bed. This is my personal favorite of the convertible cribs collection. It reminds me very much of furniture you’d expect to find in a New England home. The Carolina Pine finish really shows off this piece well. Again, it is very simple with squared legs and simple slats. It looks beautiful no matter what its configuration, but the toddler bed is divine.

The above three are my favorite Bassett convertible cribs but there are others like the Timber Creek, Winsor, Mission and Wendy Bellissimo. Perhaps, when you take a closer look at the company has to offer, you’ll prefer one these. All of the baby cribs from Bassett echo the fine American tradition of making simple but beautifully elegant furniture.