Basic Etiquettes on a China Business Tour

China is one of the prime destinations for the business people who prefer global sourcing. China business market as well as their import and export industry has earned a reputation worldwide. Import and export, Global sourcing, transactions and meetings often land the business groups from around the world on the soil of China.

If you are in the business of import and export and interested in global sourcing then China is the right destination. China business has opened new opportunities for global sourcing. Chinese are very particular about etiquettes so be sure that you know and follow all the etiquettes during your china business tour.

Greetings: Chinese people like to be called with their family name. Generally, the family name is one syllable and the name with two syllables includes the given name followed by family name. The order of the Chinese names is usually in the reverse compared to the names in English.

The traditional way of greeting in China is to nod slightly. But in the China business circuit they usually shake hands softly without any sign of eye contact. But don’t think this sign as an indication of the nervousness; it only indicates that the Chinese are not used to such traditions.

Business Meetings: Although China is the best marketplace for global sourcing or import and export, still china business fraternity follow traditional etiquettes. The common practice in China is that the first person to enter in the board room for meeting is the head of the company. Remember the fact to avoid any confusion from the Chinese side. Usually the head guest is seated exactly in front of the head host and all important guests are lead to their respective seats.

When you go to china for export& import business or you visit it for global sourcing just remember while exchanging business card, hold your card with both hands with the top side facing the person who is intended to receive it. Make sure that you exchange the business cards one by one. It will give very bad impression if you throw your business card on the table. Use both of your hand while receiving the business card and have a look at it at the same time.

Social Events: While going for any formal event during your visit for China business, get yourself ready to deliver a short speech after the host’s speech. If you have invited Chinese people in your party for the business purpose of global sourcing, serve them with proper meal rather than serving snacks to them. It will also be effective if you bring a gift along with you for your Chinese partner during your Import and export business tour. It is the indication of your interest to establish a China business relationship with them. Give your gift with your both hands and do not ever expect for your gift to be opened at the same time. Avoid giving clock, white flowers and umbrellas or knives and scissors as your gifts.