Basic Computer Training

Basic computer training

The computer age is continuously improving as the days go by. If you do not keep up with that pace, you may be less competitive and may not get the promotion you have been eyeing for so long. Of course, job security will back you up and you may stay in your position for as long as you like. If you however, would like to move forward, you need the backing of computer knowledge.

How do you get computer savvy? Start from the basic. Get basic computer training and from there improve yourself keeping pace with the new software for business.

If you are already working, I know that you already have an understanding of some computer basics but if you are a new entrant into the business world, you may need some basic computer training to ensure you will keep your job.

If the company you work for do not sponsor computer trainings, it is for you to take in on your own.

Why do you need the basic computer training?

This is to ensure that you are prepared to receive additional computer trainings. Why is it so? This is because without the basic computer knowledge, whatever computer program your company will sponsor for you will be useless because you do not know how and what the basics are.

Let me give you some very basic computer knowledge that you may need and from there, you may move on to taking the basic computer training at your own. Learning this will give you the advantages you need to excel in your field.

Basic computer knowledge

What is a CPU?

The CPU or the Central Processing Unit is the brain of the computer; it holds the Drives.

What are the Drives?

* Drive A is the floppy disk insert drive.
* Drive C is the hard drive where most of the programs are found.
* Drive D or E, these are the CD ROM drives.

Input Devices:

* Keyboard, it is the device where you will find the letters used to input words in the system.
* Mouse, this is used to scroll and navigate the window.

Output Device

* Monitor, this is the screen where you see what you will input from the keyboard.
* Printer, this is where you will send the letters you input in the computer and have them printed on paper.

Now, that you know what the computer devices are, you will need to learn how to open the computer.

Find the power on in the CPU and the power on in the Monitor. When the Monitor show you images, you already have opened your computer.

The next step, of course is to learn how to use the computer using softwares. This is where you need basic computer training from reputation institutions or find an online computer course. Choose from basic to advanced computer training and you are well on your way to becoming computer savvy.

Take, even the basic computer training at heart and your will surely succeed in the computer age and modern business environment. Basic computer training is the start of a lucrative career.